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Going to college is always an exciting time, and one of the many joys is finding great dorm décor and furnishings to make your own haven.  Your first step in making your dorm room your own is with dorm bedding.  Many college dorms have twin or twin xl size beds, so be sure to browse LNT’s selection of twin bedding and twin xl bedding for all the best styles.  There you can deck out your bed with twin-xl sheets, twin-xl mattress pads and featherbeds, and a twin xl comforter or duvet.  Our selection includes elegant and modern styles for an upscale look.  You will love the look and feel of your bed with dorm bedding of soft and delicate materials including Egyptian cotton.  Be sure to invest in a warm twin comforter to last you through the fall and winter.  Blankets and throws also go a long way in colder climates.  Also, since your typical dorm room mattress is a bit rough, a mattress pad, mattress topper, or featherbed can turn it around and make it comfortable.  For added convenience, a bed in a bag works nicely and includes a comforter, flat and fitted sheet, bedskirt, pillowcases, and shams.  Bedding accessories such as a bed shelf and bunk pocket make bunk beds more livable, and a bed rest for relaxing in bed and watching tv is a great addition to your dorm bedding.  Bed risers accompanied with underbed storage bins maximize the cramped space of most dorm rooms.  With free shipping on all your purchases, you can stock up and ensure your dorm becomes truly apartment-worthy!


After picking out some nice dorm bedding, hang around for some dorm room ideas that make life a lot easier.  Dorm supplies such as bath towels, toiletries, and hair care are dorm essentials for any young woman.  A towel rack that fits over your door is a must for keeping your bath towels clean and dry.  Set up a bath scale or vanity mirror and give your room a taste of home.  Simplify your hair care with a hair dryer or hair care kit, and stay gorgeous with beauty products like a curling iron or moisturizer and skin care products.  Doing laundry is another key part of dorm life, and a laundry basket need not be a pain to carry or too small to use, which is where the laundry hamper comes in handy.  If you have a variety of washing requirements, a laundry sorter keeps your similar items together for easy carry out washing.  Keeping your shoes and clothing organized is a breeze with our shoe rack, garment rack, and organizer choices.  With practical and attractive essentials like the mesh trash can or over the door organizer, your dorm will be efficient, clean, and elegant.


Making your dorm room a luxurious apartment is possible with LNT as your supplier.  Multiply your food and beverage options with a mini fridge, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, or electric kettle.  Relax in bed with a nice cup of coffee or tea or enjoy a quick breakfast before class with our assortment of dorm room appliances.  Move onto dorm décor with one of our many rugs.  We carry shag rugs, area rugs, and more for tying your dorm room together.  A placemat is also a nice touch and adds a home-like feel.  As for furniture, a bean bag is a longtime favorite and can create a quick seat for relaxing times.  Achieve the ultimate in dorm décor with artificial plants.  Artificial plants provide earthy dorm décor like no other and give you unlimited choices, from palm trees to bamboo silk trees and more.  Wall art is a dorm decorating marvel which will give new life to your bare walls.  Our collection of wall art is extensive and offers posters of natural beauty to music legends and everything in between.  Throw in a wall clock or dry erase board to ensure your dorm room walls thrive.  Finally, browse our selection of school supplies, both electric and nonelectric, to give yourself a head start on class.  Remember, free shipping makes your selection process that much easier!


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