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Space saving solutions are waiting for you here at LNT to help you organize, economize, and improve your living space. Using space saver and storage solutions adds intelligent design to your home, regardless of size, refines and frees up space, and minimizes clutter and inefficiency. Space savers such as wall mounted storage solutions renew kitchen storage and bathroom storage by cutting down on inefficient and extra surface clutter, removing obstructions, and providing and leaving room for décor. A wall mounted wine rack provides décor in an otherwise empty space while allowing room for a bar or fridge. The same is true of a wall mounted wine glass rack, which dazzles with hanging stemware over a bar or countertop. A wall mounted paper towel holder is a simple space saver and allows for optimal positioning. Kitchen storage is improved with the functionality of a wall mounted spice rack, which saves the user space and time by circumventing the need for drawers. The free drawer space can then be improved via a drawer organizer, which economizes space and makes things easy to find. A kitchen cart is a good idea for mobilizing resources for the avid chef, and can double as a serving tray when the meal is prepared. Add a dish rack or dish drainer to your kitchen sink and you eliminate countertop leaks when doing your dishes. Items like the kitchen corner shelf or wall mounted bag holder make life easier by putting things within arm’s reach. Kitchen storage ideas such as the wall mounted spice rack, dish rack, and corner shelf simplify space and reduce clutter, improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.


Did we mention that free shipping is standard? Onto more space saving inventions – for bathroom storage, nothing is quite as space saving as the space saver, which is a tall bath shelf that stands over the toilet. A space saver comes in wood, metal, or bamboo and may have both shelves and cabinets for housing bath wares like towels and toiletries. The space saver improves access and decorates empty space, adding style to your bathroom storage. A wall rack, like the space saver, further defines the walls of your bathroom and places items within easy reach. Wall shelves may be compact or long in materials like chrome and plexiglass, for a modern and stylish bathroom accent. As for the shower, a shower caddy is a space saving must for housing your shower materials and beats clumping them in the corner or on a small shelf. After bathroom storage, bedroom storage leaves many space saving opportunities that look and function well. Storage boxes such as wire baskets can be used for everything from laundry to linen storage, and are great storage solutions for converting empty space. A storage rack such as a shoe rack may go anywhere, and you can find a shoe organizer which goes over the door for that closet or dorm door. An over the door jewelry organizer is another novel way to economize space and keep your valuables handy.


Book shelves may be used as storage racks and vice versa, or for a clever use of furniture, go with a bookcase headboard, which graces your bed for a truly unique and beautiful bedroom look. Underbed storage can be achieved with storage bins designed specifically for such, and a special bed called a storage bed can be found here which houses pullout cabinets in the frame. A storage bed is truly a sleek way of achieving underbed storage. There are a few good closet ideas as well for space saving and storage solutions. Closet organizers may be shelf and rail systems or hanging shelves. A hanging closet organizer comes on two hangers and adds an extra cabinet to any closet. Combine a hanging closet organizer with a door hanger to simultaneously economize space and increase closet storage. A tie rack with multiple notches can hold a full collection of ties and belts and occupies as much space as an ordinary hanger. For the living room, try out a storage ottoman. A storage ottoman will offer hidden storage and restful comfort, all in one. A corner shelf is a fitting use of negative space, and improves the look of your empty corners. You will happy to know that free shipping is standard on every item, so pick your storage solutions freely!


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