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Make your laundry routine a breeze with LNT as your one stop shop for everything laundry. We have everything you need for every step of the way, from the hamper to the clothes rack. And be sure to check out our closet organizer solutions once you’re done, as there is plenty there to improve your closet storage and organization. Your dirty clothes can be conveniently stored in a hamper or laundry sorter. We carry hard shell hampers with interior bags for easy moving, as well as mesh and pop up hampers for easy use. You can also find a kid’s hamper in colorful patterns that your child will love to use. Our hard hampers feature different builds from wicker to beech and bamboo and stainless steel for a decorative way to house your laundry. Upgrade to a two section hamper or go with a laundry sorter for maximum functionality. A laundry sorter includes up to four separate laundry bags for categorizing and sorting your laundry for separate washes. The laundry sorter is a wheeled cart with laundry bags which can be taken out, allowing you to easily transport and unload your laundry in separate piles. Laundry room ideas like the laundry center combine the laundry sorter with a garment rack for hanging drying or wrinkle prone clothes. A laundry cart is also a good way to combine storage with a portable hamper. College students and those who prefer simplicity will favor laundry bags for filling and carrying to the wash. Whether you like the drawstring laundry bag or tote, we have the laundry bags to carry your biggest loads, with stylish accents to boot. We even have the traditional laundry basket for easily loading and unloading your hamper. Remember that free shipping is standard with all purchases!


Washing your delicate items is now a cinch with our mesh bags for delicates. These mesh bags protect and contain your delicate items for safer washing. We have the tools to help you dry and iron your laundry, beginning with the garment rack. Go with a garment rack for convenient access to a clothes rack or upgrade to a portable closet for additional storage and a zippered enclosure. You can find a garment rack with a shelf as well as wheels for additional versatility. If you use a clothesline, we have the clothespins to outfit you, in a large pack of 48. We have more than the garment rack if you want a drying rack, which features multiple bars in a folding and compact structure that you can set up anywhere. A clothes drying rack is great for drying multiple towels and garments that you cannot hang, and the umbrella clothesline is a great outdoor drying rack capable of being used with or without clothespins. We also have a hanging drying rack for space efficiency, and a drying rack with shelves for laying out clothes sans hangers. If you steam your clothes, look no further than our ironing board and steam iron selection. There are alternatives to the traditional standing ironing board, including the tabletop ironing board and sleeve ironing board, which is a compact ironing board perfect for college dorms. Our iron selection is equally diverse, from the autosteam steam iron to the travel steam iron as well as the heat press. Go with a steamer from our selection for quick and portable garment steaming, or get a steamer and iron in one with a steam iron. You have plenty of choices here at LNT.


Ensuring your clothes dry and store properly is easy with our wide selection of hangers. There are actually many different types of hangers for different types of garments. Keep your suits and pants together with some suit hangers, or try hangers with a locking pant bar for easier hanging. Hangers for shirts include the top hanger and shirt hangers, which are extra wide hangers for keeping collars intact. Coat hangers have rounded and thick shoulders for your coat, and some can be found extra wide for more support. Many suit hangers also have this design as well. For pants, try a clamp hanger or a hanger with clips, which allow your pants to air out and de-wrinkle. For your dried pants, a multi-tiered pants hanger stores them all in one place for space saving efficiency. There are also slack and pants hangers with an open design for simply sliding on your pants. For your delicate items, go with padded hangers, some of which feature clips. There are also hangers specifically for dresses and blouses, and you can find plenty here. Whatever hangers you need, we have them in wood and plastic, in tube and flat designs. Try some huggable hangers for keeping your nice shirts hanging neatly and snugly. Don’t forget a tie rack or scarf rack for storing them all in one handy place. Finally, for additional closet organization and space, try a closet organizer or hanging shelves, or go with a garment bag or over the door closet organizer. Free shipping on all items means you save on each purchase!

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