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Rugs are an essential part of home décor, and great ways to modify the look of your space.  Finding the right one can be a challenge, and LNT has an extensive collection of rugs to bring your interior design together and complement your walls and furniture.  Whether you live in a house or apartment, we carry rugs for every room and feature area rugs and accent rugs of all materials, styles, and designers.  You can find all imaginable patterns and prints including floral, holiday, traditional, modern, abstract, and animal skin rugs in colors from soft to bold and everything in between.  Browse styles including modern rugs, oriental rugs, Persian rugs, traditional rugs, and art rugs.  As far as materials and weaves go, we feature traditional wool area rugs in addition to polyester and shag rugs, and more exotic materials like the jute rug, hemp rug, flokati rug, bamboo rug, berber carpet, and sisal rugs.  Don’t miss our authentic cowhide rug and sheepskin rug selection as well.  Choose from a multitude of designers including Jaipur rugs, Shaw carpet, Surya rugs, Capel rugs, and Nourison rugs.  For many styles, there are round rugs, throw rugs, runner rugs and more shapes available in addition to the traditional square and rectangular rugs.  You can find more than just area rugs; we have a variety of outdoor rugs and indoor outdoor rugs for decorating your patio, as well as floor mats and welcome mats for sprucing up those entry ways.  Indoor outdoor rugs are great decorating ideas offering great flexibility and lasting value over time as you can easily switch them out.  Create a slip free surface with our mats including bath mats and floor mats for the kitchen floor.  Check out our kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs as well for adding home décor to functionality.  If you have kids, kids rugs with fun and educational designs are great for their rooms and playrooms.  Our collection features some relatively cheap rugs with elegant designs for saving big on your home décor, and you’ll save even more with free shipping.

There are many different materials and weaves in addition to traditional wool rugs and polyester rugs, making the process of choosing a rug quite interesting.  Shag rugs have long strands of fabric, giving them a shaggy look and feel.  Shag rugs have rebounded in popularity and can combine both classic and modern feels.  Dhurrie rugs are thick and flat-woven rugs from India which feature linear patterns for a modern look that’s both casual and sophisticated.  Jaipur rugs has many different dhurrie rugs in their collection.  A flokati rug features the long strands of shag rugs, which are fluffed in cold water and dyed.  Plush, soft, and smooth, a flokati rug is a great rug for dorms and small areas.  Kilim rugs are tapestry-woven rugs from eastern Europe with intricate designs great for the office or den.  Sisal rugs are made from durable agave fibers that are resistant to stains, dirt, and static, making them ideal for high traffic areas like hallways.  Sisal rugs feature warm, earthy tones and textures.  The jute rug is another rug constructed from plant fibers.  In this case the fibers are long, soft, and shiny, making the jute rug, like sisal rugs, quite durable yet smoothly textured.  Much like the jute rug are braided rugs, which boast resilient, thick weaves charming on hard wood floors.  For a more tropical rug, go with a bamboo rug, which gives a distinctly rainforest feel to any room.  Outdoor rugs along with indoor outdoor rugs are come in polypropylene, a synthetic fiber that yields resistance to corrosion, damage, and water.  Outdoor rugs and indoor outdoor rugs feature designs ranging from simple to elegant and are fantastic home décor assets.  Outdoor rugs make the patio or deck an open air living room.  Rugs made from acrylic and polyester are also resistant to moisture, durable, and improve upon many properties of natural fibers such as wool.  Polyester and acrylic rugs are lightweight, soft, warm and boast a multitude of designs and styles.

Top designers such as Nourison rugs, Surya rugs, and Shaw carpet make finding the right area rugs a pleasure.  Surya rugs features many great modern rugs as well as oriental rugs and Persian rugs, while Shaw carpet offers excellent holiday rugs, printed, and intricate rugs.  Jaipur rugs are an excellent source of tapestry rugs and dhurrie rugs which instill the spiritual and rustic qualities of India.  Area rugs come in a variety of shapes, including half-moon, kidney, octagon, oval, round, and star, so scroll down within the product page for all available options.  Coordinating your area rugs with your furniture and walls is a cinch with so many shapes, sizes, designs, and colors at your disposal.  You can also find runner rugs, great for hallways, and don’t miss out on our door mats and kitchen rugs as well.  Our door mats feature scenic and festive paintings as well as the traditional lettering of welcome mats.  Along with outdoor rugs, door mats are an excellent way to add color and charm to your patio or deck.  Anti fatigue mats for the kitchen are solid rubber mats that provide both comfort and protection for your feet and floor.  Other great kitchen rugs are available in decorative designs and are great for pantries and entry ways too.  We also have a collection of plush bathroom rugs with smooth designs, and bath mats for the shower or tub.  For doorways and entry ways we have tons of dirt stopping floor mats that come in an array of different styles.  Shop for any rug and enjoy free shipping, you can’t lose!

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Space Living Winter Flowers Dorm Rug
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Oriental Weavers Oriental Weavers 004E1 Allure Area Rug, 004E1
Price: $599.00
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Oriental Weavers Oriental Weavers 0053A Allure Area Rug, Multi
Price: $599.00
$99.83 per month*
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Compare: $793.00
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