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Renew your bedroom with fresh winter bedding sets, bedroom décor, and more bedroom ideas of style and grace.  We have delightful bedding sets for refreshing the centerpiece of your bedroom as well as a wealth of decorating ideas for the whole bedroom.  From decorative pillows and blankets to wall art and throw rugs, our selection offers a bit of everything for lending atmosphere to your place.  The center of bedroom décor is the bed, and the right bedding can really solidify your bedroom’s tone and style.  We have many different bedding options for renewing your bed.  See our comforter sets for comfortable and stylish comforters, pillowcases, and decorative pillows to complete your bedding ensemble.  Choose from comforter styles including modern, country, regional, and traditional, with patterns and prints of every kind, to find the perfect comforter set for establishing your bedroom look.  For duvets, see our duvet covers and sets for lush bedding sets of modern and artistic prints.  Our duvet sets come with pillow cases and decorative pillows for giving your bed a consistent look.  Comforter sets and duvet covers are great sources of bedroom décor and feel wonderful with many soft and plush materials to choose from.  You can find subtle and modern tones or rich and traditional comforter sets and duvet covers, in a palette of lustrous colors, giving your bedroom a piece of art.  Complement your comforters or duvet covers with some decorative pillows from our décor section, or add some memory foam pillows and decorative pillow cases from our bedding section, a great way to decorate and enhance your comfort.  Buy whenever you want and you won’t have to worry about shipping, since it’s free with every purchase.


For a complete and consistent bedding package that includes everything including sheets, decorative pillows, and bed skirts, try a bed in a bag set.  Browse our bed in a bag selection for many of the styles and materials from our duvet covers and comforter sets.  With bed in a bag sets, you get complete bedding sets for solidifying your bedding look and feel in one fell swoop.  For winter warmth and style, see our collections of blankets and throws to match or accent your bedding.  Search our blankets and throws for fleece, satin, and more materials and in many different textures and weaves, great for draping over your recliner, bench, or bed and snuggling up with on winter nights.  In addition to bedding sets, blankets, and decorative pillows, there are many elegant ways to add color and design to your bedroom, such as decorative table lamps.  Browse within lighting for table lamps and floor lamps from all aesthetics.  Table lamps and floor lamps offer some unique and pleasing designs and are great elements of bedroom décor.  Browse through our collection to find that many table lamps are artistic works derived from every influence imaginable.  Together with great bedding, table lamps and floor lamps can set a wonderful tone and enhance the time you spend in the bedroom.  Let your windows shine with some curtains, drapes, or blinds in a variety of smooth materials and colors.  Coordinate your curtains with your bedding to bring out a consistent bedroom décor, or add some window treatments and valances for a subtle effect.


Bedroom décor options such as rugs and wall art are easy ways to add an array of accents to your bedroom.  You can find wall art from multiple aesthetics including impressionistic, cultural, natural, modern, and traditional.  Our wall art includes wall sculptures, tiles, prints, wood blocks, and metal wall hangings, in addition to canvas art, framed and unframed, and much more.  Wall art and wall hangings can elicit subtle and peaceful feels for refreshing decorating ideas.  Room dividers are unique bedroom furniture which can lend intrigue and historical beauty to your bedroom.  Browse within accent furniture for room dividers of antiquity, modernity, and more unique and colorful aesthetics and add a decorative piece of bedroom furniture to your home.  Instill more cultural and artistic grace with rugs from all corners of the world, such as dhurrie rugs from India, oriental rugs, and Persian rugs.  We have traditional and modern rugs as well, area rugs and runner rugs, and all shapes, materials, and styles so you can pick out the perfect rug for your bedroom.  Find abstract and colorful rugs, bright and bold tie-dye rugs, rugs with modern and soft geometric patterns, and more great decorating ideas for enlivening your bedroom décor.  Don’t miss our clocks, candles and candle holders, and décor accessories like centerpieces, bowls, and vases for more ways to enhance your bedroom atmosphere.  Be sure to take advantage of our free shipping!

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