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Thanks to decorative pillows, shams, and throws, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new couch, bed, or bedding ensemble to refresh your living room or bedroom décor.  Our collection of blankets and throw pillows lets you add new life to your bed or sofa, with a variety of great colors, styles, and materials for beauty and comfort.  Decorative pillows come with a range of prints, appliqués, and dressings capable of creating many different moods, and you’re free to choose any or all them for easily alternating your living room or bedroom décor.  Create striking décor with accent pillows in radiant colors and designs coupled with lush materials.  Add a touch of the exotic with ruffled or scalloped throw pillows, perfect for adding style and excitement to your couch or bed.  Browse for many other pillow textures including faux animal skin, folds, petals, pleats, shag, and layered throw pillows like no other that you’ll love to cozy down with.  For a cottage feel, you can find embroidered pillows and throw pillows with natural imagery, prints, and patterns.  Look for tapestry throw pillows with scenic imagery, perfect for pairing with tapestry blankets and throws.  Modern decorative pillows showcase a range of appliqués and patterns, from the concrete to the abstract and everything in between.  Materials are equally diverse, with crochet, down, chenille, twill, satin, silk, and more available, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your couch or bed’s style.  Multiple sheens, textures, and feels make for sensuous decorative pillows, which are paired with patterns that bring out their natural luster and color.  Renew your décor and save on free shipping, too.


Decorative pillows with sweet messages add a personal and charming touch to your sofa, as do throw pillows with your favorite team, animals, or theme.  Garner meditative bliss with throw pillows showcasing Eastern motifs and artwork.  Solid decorative pillows coordinate with almost any couch or bedding, and you’ll find plenty throw pillows with subtle décor and patterns perfect for adding simple beauty.  If you simply want to decorate with your existing pillows, look to our pillow cases within comforter sets and luxury bedding, as well as within their own category, for a simple way to modify your bedroom décor.  We also have a wealth of pillows including the memory foam pillow and body pillow, so check out some ways to enhance your comfort along with adding décor.  Shop our blankets and throws for an excellent pairing with decorative pillows.  Many comfy materials are on display, with wool, fleece, microplush, faux fur, satin, silk, and vellux blankets just some of them.  Stringy wool and acrylic throws and blankets in a vibrant mix of colors add traditional beauty to your couch.  Create the rustic charm of a lodge with traditional tapestry throws, or add variety with stringy boucle blankets or bumpy popcorn blankets.  Fringed afghan throws feature a wide range of prints and themes which give your couch or bed a warm and cozy feel.  Satin blankets feel like heaven, while fleece blankets warm you up fast on winter nights.  For instant heat, go with an electric blanket from our selection.


Tapestry throw blankets showcase classical and artistic depictions of scenes throughout nature and history and make your home a lot cozier.  Adorn your couch with rugged natural beauty with lodge blankets of scenic and natural imagery of the wild American country.  Tapestry throws and blankets cover a wide range of naturalistic and thematic symbolism, including coastal, wildlife, and western themes.  Afghan tapestry blankets are lush paintings in warm colors and vibrant images on a cozy blanket you can warm up to and drape over your couch to give it the rustic grace of a country lodge.  There are tons of holiday themes as well, so you can bring the warmth and joy of Christmas home in beautiful and traditional form.  We have a ton of tapestry throw pillows as well to pair with afghan throws for creating a glowing natural preserve out of your couch and living room.  You’ll find many natural and floral designs within decorative pillows as well, for creating a lighter effect, so shop around.  Don’t forget we offer bedroom décor in the form of comforters, duvet covers, sheets, and more bedding possibilities for updating your bed as well.  Mixing and matching decorative pillows, throws, and blankets is a fun task you’ll love to do with free shipping on every purchase!

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