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Accessorize and economize with bathroom storage solutions from your bath and bedroom resource,  From space saving bathroom cabinets to the toilet and shower caddy, there are plenty of ways to improve and use the empty space in your bathroom.  With the handy bathroom ideas here at LNT, you’re not only ramping up bathroom storage and cutting down on clutter; you’re improving the look and function of your bathroom.  Install one of our bathroom space saver inventions, which combine bathroom cabinets and shelves that stand neatly over the toilet for excellent bathroom storage which looks great in materials including rubbed bronze, dark and rich wood, and glass.  A bathroom space saver is a seemly way to open up space and add a touch of bathroom décor.  Over the toilet storage is much easier than installing new bathroom cabinets, although LNT has plenty of those along with floating shelves.  Just browse wall shelves under home décor.  Many more bathroom ideas abound, such as the shower caddy, a useful tree with baskets that fits snugly over your showerhead.  Many homes make use of the shower caddy for organizing their shower gear and soaps, and you can find many a shower caddy with good looks as well as functionality.  For another take on the shower caddy, try a bath caddy, which rests across the width of the tub for an easier time bathing.  Both the shower caddy and bath caddy are modern bathroom storage ideas that take up minimal space for the valuable service they provide.  Don’t forget that free shipping is standard here at LNT.


More shower storage ideas like the corner trio soap dispenser render your time spent convenient and satisfying, while eliminating needless bottles upon bottles of shampoo and soap.  Check out our bathroom accessories for some more excellent shower improvements too.  Bathroom ideas cover every inch of space in your bathroom, including the toilet area.  The modern toilet valet has become a work of function and grace, combining the toilet paper holder with the magazine rack with added rungs for paper and towels.  And in materials like chrome, this toilet paper holder packs aesthetic beauty in addition to your personals.  Don’t leave your extra toiletries on the dusty floor under the sink; with under sink storage ideas like the under sink roll out drawer, you have a newfound repository for organizing your supplies.  Simple but effective bathroom storage ideas like these turn things around, improving your bathroom’s look, cleanliness, and function.  Alternatively, try some bathroom storage bins and baskets.  The sink counter brings with it many possibilities for organized bathroom storage and the makeup organizer is one of them.  A makeup organizer is a wonderful tool for women who need a companion to their vanity mirror, which by the way, we have a great selection of.  The makeup organizer is a neat little cabinet with drawers and open compartments that carves out a nice piece of real estate for using cosmetics, both looking and functioning great.


Pair that makeup organizer with a vanity mirror from our selection.  For a vanity mirror that cuts down on space, try a wall mount vanity mirror, available with lights.  See our bathroom furniture section for full bathroom vanities, bathroom mirrors, and more great bathroom storage solutions, such as the towel warmer.  A towel warmer is a boon for showering and bathing and that moment of discomfort as you step out to dry off.  Combining bathroom storage with an improvement in comfort, the towel warmer is one of many bathroom ideas that stand apart.  In addition to the towel warmer, the towel rack offers convenience and a multitude of orientations for cutting down on redundancy.  See our towel bars in solid brass or plexiglass for wall mounted caddies that look beautiful alongside your shower or sink.  Or, try an over the door towel rack for efficient and easy to use bathroom storage.  We have an array of towel stands, both compact and expansive, that look stately in any bathroom.  Once you’re done picking out some cool bathroom ideas, check out our shower curtains, bath towels, bath rugs, and all the essentials for revitalizing your bathroom décor even more.  Free shipping as always!

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