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LNT has the bedroom décor essentials for converting your boudoir into a coastal beach house, plus many more décor options and themes for transforming your space.  Instill the breezy comfort of beach décor with coastal comforter sets, duvet covers, wall art, bedroom furniture, and many more bedroom ideas evoking the shore.  Search by coastal bedding or look for lighter color comforters and duvet covers from brands such as Modern Living.  Light and airy comforters and duvet covers really bring home that coastal look, and there are many different ways to choose, from our bed in a bag selection, comforter sets, down comforters and duvet covers, and luxury bedding.  To top your beach bedding, there are a multitude of lighter woven blankets and throws within their own category as well as within tapestries, under our décor section.  You’ll find many blankets and afghan throws featuring nautical décor and prints, along with excellent woven wool blankets from CC Home Furnishings and Surya of soft and light colors and nature prints.  To pair with your beach bedding, check out our decorative pillows within our décor section for some coastal prints and motifs, as well as light and breezy designs and accents.  Decorative pillows and beach décor go hand in hand.  Many different evocative possibilities in bedding and décor exist here at LNT, including tropical, southwest, floral, and country.  Coordinating your new bedroom look is a breeze with so many options, and free shipping is standard.


Rugs, wall art, and table décor offer many possibilities to branch out with beach décor, having established your bedding centerpiece.  Rugs of jute, hemp, seagrass, and sisal provide a natural and clean look with an outdoorsy texture reminiscent of the coast.  Search for beach, nautical, or coastal rugs and find many great additions to your beach décor.  Area rugs with coastal motifs and light, soft colors tie together your bedroom into a true beach house escape.  Evoke the peaceful and scenic with wall art showcasing coastal themes.  Search or browse to find a wealth of oceanic tokens that will imbue your bedroom with signature beach décor.  With wall art, you have a range of options from hanging sculptures to tiles, tapestries, paintings, and more for decorating and encapsulating that coastal feeling.  Wall art like a captain’s wheel or anchor feature hand crafted details and classic sentiments.  Seaside tapestries or detailed artisan prints of coastal wildlife are staples in beach décor.  Miscellaneous wall art from woven, sculpted, and colorful metal and glass ornaments is the heart of home décor.  Table centerpieces carry on the accents of wall art to the countertops.  You’ll find many intricate and colorful centerpieces and table décor in the form of glass, ceramic, and metal bottles, sculptures, and decorative bowls with coastal elements.  Traditional beach décor such as sailboats of birchwood and cloth are on display as well, so explore within décor accessories for ways to create lively accents for your tables and counters.


Nautical décor in the form of table lamps and accent furniture presents new ways to continue your coastal theme.  Table lamps feature a range of themes and styles including the coastal and nautical, offering delightful sculptural and threaded elements of beach décor.  Search for coastal and nautical lamps to find table lamps with the right tones, or browse our selection of table lamps for the full range of possibilities to reference the coast.  Browse our woven baskets, chests, and bins of rattan, wicker, and bamboo under décor, organize, and storage to keep that beach décor going.  Alternately, try for storage chests under bedroom furniture for additional home décor with rustic and coastal elements.  Search for bamboo, rattan, and wicker furniture to uncover some great bedroom furniture of the coastal variety, from rocking chairs to nightstands, shelves, and tables.  Extend your nautical décor into the bathroom with coastal and light bathroom sets and ensembles, collections of bathroom accessories from the toothbrush holder to the soap dish.  Bathroom sets are a wonderful décor piece for any bathroom, and many are beach themed.  We also offer some nice and airy bath rugs, bath towels, and more bathroom décor giving you even more decorating ideas to implement at your discretion.  Don’t forget that beach décor is only one possible look you can create, with many more flavors awaiting you.  And, you can return whenever you please since free shipping is standard.

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