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Update and expand your cooking, serving, and dining experience with brand new kitchenware from top brands like Rachael Ray, Circulon, and Farberware.  LNT has a full range of modern and tailored cookware, bakeware, serveware, and kitchen utensils for adding new and interesting dimensions to your culinary process, with free shipping to boot.  From old classics with added features and functionality, to new and unique kitchen tools and appliances, there are many ways to deepen and refresh your kitchenware.  You’ll find elegant stainless steel cookware like this steamer pot set with close fitting lids and self-basting features for making dim sum, tamales, or fish.  There are a range of food steamer options including the pressure cooker, as well as boiling companions like the double boiler and stock pot for more healthy ways to cook.  Try a double burner length griddle from Anolon with superb nonstick, heating, and durability qualities for making a Sunday brunch tradition.  You’ll find an extensive griddle and skillet collection with plenty of choices too.  Handy kitchen ideas like divided skillets make preparing meals all the more easy, from brands like Rachael Ray.  Or, try an electric skillet for an easy countertop solution.  Search our griddles, grills, and waffle makers under kitchen appliances for making breakfast heaven, in addition to paninis for lunch.  Our specialty cookware section features some intriguing ideas, like the egg cooker, tortilla press, and frittata pan.  Go beyond pots and pans with unique cookware like the wok, ideal for those who love oriental cuisine.


Beyond cookware and bakeware, LNT has some nouveau serveware like a sculptural cruet set from Rachael Ray, perfect for presenting olive oil and vinegar at the dining table.  Rachael Ray features more elegant serving solutions like some stoneware singles, delightful little serving bowls for individual portions or desserts.  See our serveware section for a fine glass blown carafe and pitcher selection, along with beverage servers and modern punch bowl sets that add a touch of class to your occasion.  We offer up some simple yet modern serving bowls and salad bowls with unique glass constructions.  Specialty serveware like a set of goblet fruit servers, a sauce bowl, or an iced dip server keep the food looking and tasting great.  See our cake stands and cupcake stands for more fun and decorative presentational kitchen ideas as well.  Combine the elegance of serveware with the utility of cookware with a modern Circulon tea pot in bright colors.  This tea pot is smoothly designed with an easy flip up spout at fingertip reach, with an arching handle and whistle that sounds upon boiling.  Check out our coffee and beverages section for more sophisticated tea kettles with added features like infusers, as well as the handy electric kettle for instant accessability.  We also offer the French press, cappuccino and espresso machine, and coffee makers and grinders for the coffee fanatic.


For super convenient, easy to use, and versatile kitchen tools and utensils, see our kitchen tools and gadgets section for eclectic variations on everything from whisks and strainers to spatulas and measuring tools.  You can find unique and interesting kitchen gadgets here, like the toss & chop, guacamole masher, and variety of choppers, graters, slicers, and corers for fruit, veggies, cheeses and more.  See our featured products for multi-piece kitchen sets from Rachael Ray and Circulon in bright and radiant colors.  Updating your old and worn kitchen utensils with a new set like these really breathes life into your cooking.  We also feature clear salad spinners, ultra sensitive food scales, and novel measuring tools for food prep that you’ll love to see in action.  See our kitchen utensils for a spatula selection of sleek and flexible turners for fish, eggs, and more.  Our bakeware builds on your cooking capacities with precise implements like the springform pan, popover pans, fluted pans, and tons of cake and pie pans for crafting multiple kinds of crusts.  For more pans, see our frying pan, chef pan, and sauce pan collection.  We offer a bit of fine serveware for your bar as well, with a decanter selection that dazzles the eye, featuring modern glass decanter styles in addition to novel decanter styles for everyone that loves wine.  With free shipping, you are free to order multiple times if you want!

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