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Enjoy the seclusion and beauty of forest décor with leafy green decorating ideas for the bathroom, from LNT’s diverse bathroom décor collection.  Color your bathroom with forest green shower curtains, cobblestone bath rugs, and leafy accents for the walls, sink, and shower.  Instilling the soothing tones of a misty forest is a breeze with our bathroom décor selection, offering a range of bathroom ideas for creating that forested and peaceful ambiance.  Shower curtains are a bathroom centerpiece that set the tone.  See our selection of shower curtains featuring natural and green elements from designers like Space Living and Croscill.  You can search by color to find the perfect shade of green shower curtains or browse for shower curtains by print and pattern.  Light and airy shower curtains accompanied with deep or light green bath towels from our collection also reinforce a forest theme.  In addition to multiple shades of green, you’ll find bath towels featuring leafy accents as well as wilderness prints from designers like Croscill.  Plus, super soft and comfortable blends of viscose and pima cotton, rayon from bamboo, and other heavenly textures make for relaxing comfort on top of great bathroom décor.  Light green bath rugs or styles like Chesapeake’s cobblestone bath rugs continue the forest essence to the floors.  Light and creamy bath rugs also go well with green bath towels and shower curtains to add some airiness to the atmosphere.  Picking and choosing bathroom décor items is simple with free shipping upon each return.


Branch out your bathroom décor with some elegant bathroom ideas which echo the idyllic and soothing tones of your shower curtains, bath towels, and bath rugs.  Bathroom sets are wonderful bathroom décor pieces that hold your soap, tissues, toothbrushes, and more.  Browse our bathroom ensembles and bathroom accessories for matching collections of these everyday bath implements.  Go with embossed ceramic and porcelain bathroom sets in creamy colors to imbue spa like serenity, or instill breezy and bright tones with light colored glass and resin bathroom sets.  You’ll also find bathroom sets with garden, tree, and floral prints, in abstract and tradition styles, for more direct forest bathroom décor.  You can also browse bathroom accessories for individual pieces like a wicker or vine soap dispenser to add simple touches.  Our bathroom accessories section includes many small and ornate accents, like leaf or flower shower curtain hooks, as well as additional bathroom sets you can use to pick out pieces individually.  Search or browse our extensive wall art and modern décor collection for hanging prints and tiles in traditional and modern styles.  Traditional bird and leaf wall art prints from designers like Amanti Art and Uttermost are rustic and tranquil wall décor for solidifying your forest theme.  Search or browse for many more great wall art ideas that perfectly match the look you want to achieve.  For more decorating ideas, see our window section for wonderful cottage style valances and window treatments, as well as bamboo blinds and light and airy drapes.


There are many great bathroom ideas beyond bathroom décor for making your time in the shower and sink more luxurious and comfortable.  Shower heads with 60 or more jets in milky white brass make elegant and soothing additions to your shower.  An oil rubbed or chrome shower caddy with elegant petal scrollwork from Columbia Frame, extends the forest charm to your shower while keeping your soap and shampoo at arm’s reach.  See our bathroom accessories and shower caddy sections for many more shower caddy choices, as well as modern suction and mounted shower baskets and accessories in materials like stainless steel.  Bathroom accessories like these feature multiple compartments and hooks for storing just about everything.  You’ll love our vanity mirror selection, which features a wide range of vanity mirror styles, from stylish freestanding brass, chrome, and see through acrylic vanity mirrors to wall mounted, suction, and handheld models.   Enjoy a range of vanity mirror features including multiple magnification levels, led lighting, and cosmetic holder attachments.  Check out our bath digital scale selection for some unique and decorative bathroom scales, like a bluish green digital scale with simulated water drops from Kalorik.  Setting the mood with floral and citrus scented candles and candle sets from CC Home Furnishings in warm textures and colors takes your experience to the next level.  Complete your experience with bathrobes of Mesopotamian or Turkish cotton from our collection of stylish and resort quality bathrobes, and revel in free shipping!

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