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Getting a peaceful eight hours is no problem with a host of bedding comforts from Linens ‘n Things built with sleep in mind.  You’ll find everything for your bed right here, made with the most modern and comfortable materials in bedding.  With so many possibilities, you’ll be assured in finding the perfect addition to your bed.  Bedding comfort starts with the right comforters or duvet covers.  Comforters of microfiber and down are warmest, while materials like cotton and silk respond to changes in heat and humidity, keeping you comfortable in warmer climates.  Fibers like viscose and rayon from bamboo are absorbent and breathable, wicking away moisture yet retaining warmth in colder climates.  Silk comforters and duvet covers offer natural porosity and absorbency as well.  Comforters of down alternative materials such as microfiber offer the most hypoallergenic comfort for allergy sufferers.  There are many materials to choose from, so shop our ensemble comforter sets and duvet cover sets to find one that’s right for you.  Finding the right pillow is an essential part of getting a great night’s sleep.  We feature tons of pillows with different densities, materials, and extra features, along with pillows designed for neck, shoulder, and back support as well as side sleepers.  For natural comfort, choose among down pillows in low, medium, and firm densities, as well as feather pillows and down feather blends.  There’s also plenty of synthetic options like nanofiber and gel fiber which offer wonderful softness with a little extra firmness, support, breathability, and no noise!


Memory foam pillows and gel top pillows sport modern technology for a supportive, cradling effect.  The newer generation memory foam has an open-cell structure that softens in response to body heat and weight.  For a memory foam pillow that features individual particles like traditional down pillows, try a memory fiber pillow.  We also offer ventilated pillows and gel top pillows for cool comfort, along with wedge and contour pillows for added support.  For sensuous comfort, cover your pillows in some satin pillowcases form our selection.  Seek the next layer of bedding comfort with a mattress pad.  Our mattress pad and mattress topper selection includes all varieties from pillow top to quilted, and the softest materials like pima cotton and sateen.  For supportive comfort, try a memory foam mattress topper or a gusseted fiber bed for a fully padded layer between you and the mattress.  You’ll find memory foam mattress topper thicknesses from a half inch to 3 inches, with additional options like a combination memory foam mattress pad.  Fiber bed and featherbed features like baffle box constructions and extra supportive cluster fiber ensure an evenly distributed, supportive fiber bed that responds to your body.  Or, try a billowy clouds textured mattress pad with gel fiber filling for a gentle and relaxing feel.  A fiber bed is a hypoallergenic alternative to a featherbed, which features a top layer of down for padding.


The right bed sheets can go a long way in making you comfortable in bed.  Natural cotton sheets are all weather bed sheets that respond to changes in temperature.  Egyptian cotton sheets are long staple cotton bed sheets that exhibit extra softness.  Pima cotton is a type of Egyptian cotton with long, silky strands for a super soft, smooth feel.  Sateen sheets are woven with most threads on the surface, yielding a soft and smooth sheen.  Jersey knit sheets offer a soft, stretchy feel and a warmer variation of cotton.  Higher thread counts imply softer, finer, and more durable sheets.  On the synthetic side, microfiber sheets are warmer sheets which retain heat and dry quickly, great for colder climates.  Artificial fibers such as tencel, viscose from bamboo, or rayon from bamboo make for absorbent, silky soft, and breathable sheets.  Choose higher thread count sheets and sheet sets for a softer and finer feel.  For extra sleeping aids, check out our blankets and throws for all kinds of soft, plush, and velvety blankets, as well as fleece blankets for colder sleepers.  We also have an electric blanket section with materials just as comfortable for a nice heating option during colder months.  Blackout curtains from our window section render your home immune to lightness, so your sleep is undisturbed even during the day.  Lastly, see our bedding accessories for handy mattress encasements and protectors and little things like an eye mask, and don’t worry about shipping, cause it’s free!

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