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Give your bedroom the lighter side of modernity with modern furniture and bedding shimmering with spring light and color.  Modern spring room ideas emanate from light and modern bedding, chairs, and tables to wall décor ideas in glass and bright metals.  Refreshing your bedroom with style is as easy as using decorating ideas like bright and modern curtains, adding a reflective mercury glass table lamp to your bedside table, or investing in some airy and contemporary designer bedding at affordable prices.  Linens ‘n Things is a source of all things bedroom, stylish and handy bedroom ideas from the storage ottoman to room dividers.  Accent furniture like room dividers in oriental or abstract styles gives your bedroom a defining touch and charming mystique.  With tranquil and modern prints of bamboo or cherry blossoms, room dividers invite the bounty of spring in a truly modern and chic fashion.  Try a sharp contemporary X-leg bench from Office Star in black and white for a modern accent, or go with a sleek Avenue Six Yield ottoman from Hold N Storage in cream and chrome for a truly modern look.  Continue the spring charm with an oriental blossom umbrella holder, sleek aluminum side table from CC  Home Furnishings, and many more modern accents tables, nesting tables, and end tables under our accent furniture collection.  Touch off those modern tables with some radiant and modern table lamps from our lighting collection, with features like semi translucent cascading screens and clear or mercury glass in sleek and modern designs.


Center your bedroom décor with some plush and contemporary bedding featuring a range of motifs and bright, metallic colors.  A modern side of spring is showcased in the Evanescent Bed Ensemble from Pem America, with floral accents on a modern colored base for a subtle and striking modern bedding ensemble.  Lush metallic colors surrounded by soft floral or geometric prints on our comfortable and plush comforters make for excellent modern décor reminiscent of spring.  Comforter sets form Patrician, Modern Living, and Vue in light colors and contemporary, beautifully simple styles renew your bedroom décor.  Shop our duvet covers and bed in a bag sets as well for styles just as resplendent, and don’t miss our sheets in smooth and soft colors and silky materials like cotton sateen for complementing your new bedding.  Adorn your bed or beside bench with one of our chic throw blankets in a variety of materials from cotton to micro mink.  Light and delicate patterns, textures, and colors radiate spring sentiments, while stringy or satin borders add a touch of tradition.  Add more bedding accents with decorative pillows from our décor section.  From modern and simple silver throw pillows to decorative pillows showcasing a variety of elegant prints and patterns in bright colors, there are numerous ways to decorate a bed and add contemporary décor to your bedroom.  You’ll find plenty of decorative pillows with contemporary textures as well in soft materials for adding sensuous charm.


Beyond modern furniture, bedding, and accent furniture there are tons of bedroom ideas for the walls and floors.  Lustrous metal wall art or subtly textured wall mirrors add surrounding tones to your bedroom.  Browse or search our wall art and modern décor selections for abstract and black and white photography, bright metallic centerpieces for your walls, and lithographic framed art from Amanti Art that shines with light and springtime motifs.  There are numerous wall décor ideas beyond wall art as well, like elegant and abstract wall mirrors and wall clocks incorporating a variety of materials and designs.  Our décor accessories feature a range of table centerpieces, decorative glass sculptures and bowls, and many translucent and contemporary pieces that sediment a modern and uplifting mood.  We have a multitude of artificial plants with contemporary tones like LED lighted white birch clusters from Melrose and many long grass varieties that look stunning in a modern bedroom.  For splashes of color and table décor, simply add some decorative candles or candle holders to evoke the feeling (and scents) of spring.  Treat your windows to a contemporary remodel with modern curtains and blinds in sheer and light flavors, or throw in one of our modern and artistic area rugs in airy styles.  Lastly, we carry tons of shelves, lighting, and hardware in modern glass and metals for refurbishing your bedroom or bathroom fixtures.  And free shipping is our motto!

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