Franz Porcelain Bath

Created in 2002, the new brand, FRANZ, embodies the power of this cultural heritage. FRANZ absorbs cultural, artistic, decorative and fashion elements, takes the nature as themes and produces creative and unique items. It wasn't long before Franz Porcelain made its first breakthrough, when in 2002, it was voted 'Best in Gift' in a poll held at the New York International Gift Fair. A remarkable honor considering the fact that famous European brands had dominated the porcelain market for hundreds of years. FRANZ was successfully marketed to around 4,000 retail stores worldwide within a year. Franz Porcelain is writing a new chapter for world-renowned porcelain houses. Franz Porcelain not only embraces Chinese porcelain's rich heritage, but also heads for a new era. Franz Porcelain is therefore not only a new and exciting way of producing fine home decor, but is part of living history.
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