Kosta Boda Decorative Containers

With characteristic craftsmanship and good design, Kosta Boda has become one of the leading glasshouses in the world. Kosta Boda's three glassworks in the villages of Kosta, Boda and Ã…fors each have exciting individual stories of their own, yet stand together under the common brand name Kosta Boda. Ten designers are currently on retainer at Kosta Boda. They work with both utilitarian and art glass. Glass results from a great many meetings between people - artists, craftspeople and lovers of glass. The artists of Kosta Boda have a decisive role to play in all the creative stages of the process. The cooperation between the designers and the skilled craftspeople is very close; indeed, it is essential if the Kosta Boda designers are to transfer their intentions to the Kosta Boda glass.
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