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Van Ness Cat Pan Liners & Filters

Since Van Ness began their business in 1945, their highest priority has always been customer satisfaction. They are committed to providing the highest quality pet products at the lowest possible price. Every one of their dishes, cat litter pans and small animal exercisers is tested for durability, functionality, and safety to assure you that the product meets the needs of your pet. Their current product line includes 37 different feeding and watering products in 4 product categories including; HEAVYWEIGHT™, CROCK HEAVYWEIGHT™, LIGHTWEIGHT™, and AUTO WATERER™/AUTO FEEDER™. Van Ness also provides 10 different cat litter pans, such as the ENCLOSED CAT PAN™, FRAMED CAT PAN™, SIFTING CAT PAN™, and CAT LITTER PAN™. CAT PAN LINERS™ are available in 5 sizes, including drawstring and twist tie models to fit all sizes of litter boxes. They also have LITTER SCOOPS™, FOOD SCOOPS™, GRAB BAGS™ for dog waste pickup, TRACKLESS™ LITTER MAT, DINNER MAT™ and Toss'n Catch Disc™ & hamster balls/wheel.
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Van Ness Van Ness Large Cat Pan Liners L2
Price: $3.58 to $40.30
Compare: $4.99 to $58.99
Save up to $18 (31%)
Van Ness Zeolite Air Filter Replacement Cartridge
Price: $1.76 to $16.25
Compare: $2.99 to $22.99
Save up to $6 (42%)
Van Ness Small Drawstring Cat Pan Liners DL0
Price: $4.97 to $55.25
Compare: $6.99 to $80.99
Save up to $25 (32%)
Van Ness Extra Giant Drawstring Cat Pan Liners DL7
Price: $3.74 to $42.25
Compare: $4.99 to $61.99
Save up to $19 (32%)
Van Ness Giant Cat Pan Liners L3
Price: $3.52 to $39.65
Compare: $4.99 to $57.99
Save up to $18 (31%)