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Quilt Sets – The Pricing Guide


No matter what you are shopping for, getting great deals is always at the top of the priority list. When buying a quilt set, whether queen or any other size, you want to make sure to get free shipping and the best deal possible. While you don’t want something that is cheap in quality, you do want to get a great brand product at a clearance price. Finding a queen quilt set that is affordable yet luxury is a task that is actually easier than you might think. With some persistent browsing around web for great quilt sets at good prices, you can find just what you want and get free shipping to boot.

Pricing Basics for Quilt Sets

When shopping for a queen quilt set, you should first know what kind of budget you are working with. This will depend completely on your own personal situation, and everyone is different. There is no right amount of money to spend on a queen quilt set – and often, you will get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap quilt and coverlet set, you will be able to find some very low prices along with free shipping, but the quality will be a sacrifice. On the flip side, you can set a high budget and purchase a luxury queen quilt set that will impress any guest but will also set your bank account back a good deal.

One of the great things about shopping online for a queen quilt set is that you can check back often for price changes. You don’t need to drive to the store every time you want to see the price of the quilt set you have your eye on, so log on frequently and check for clearance prices that you can take advantage of. Regardless of the deals that you are able to find, all of them include free shipping as part of the offer.

Weight Matters in a Quilt Set

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay more for a heavier-weight queen quilt set than you would for a light-weight version. Heavier quilt sets are great for cold-weather climates because they offer more warmth through the night, but you will pay for that luxury with a bigger price tag upfront. Of course, if you live in a warm-weather area, or just simply don’t like heavier quilts, that can mean savings for you when you purchase your quilt set.

A down quilt is the one product that will go against the rule of thumb that heavier is more expensive. Down quilts are very lightweight and have a high-end, luxury feel, but are also rather costly because of the expense of the down material. Down is also an excellent insulator, so even a lightweight quilt set can be quite warm right through the winter months. A down quilt with a quilt cover that can be removed and washed might be the optimum purchase for most consumers, but you will want to wait for a clearance price opportunity to save money on this expensive package. Of course, finding a retailer that can fill your order with free shipping will help keep the cost as low as possible for this luxury item.

Great Deals Can be Found

If you only are finding high priced queen quilt sets when you are first setting out, keep at it. There are sites all around the web that will offer deals on an occasional basis, but you need to be patient to find it. A good game plan for getting the best cheap price on a luxury queen quilt set is to locate between three and five websites that are offering your desired quilt set (and free shipping) and check them regularly. Add bookmarks to your web browser for the sites and try to visit them as often as possible. When the price on your chosen quilt and coverlet drops to a price that you are happy with, take advantage right away. Often when websites have clearance prices, they will run out of stock quickly if you don’t act fast.