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Washing Instructions for Quilt Sets


If you are the proud owner of a beautiful queen quilt set, or any other size quilt set, you likely want to keep it looking fresh and new as long as you can. While your quilt set is surely going to get dirty as the days go by and it gets used regularly, there are steps you can take to keep in in as good of condition as possible. Whether it be from kids spilling on it, the materials wearing out, or just the grime that builds up from daily use, your quilt set will require a bit of special attention to keep clean.

If you have a quilt set that includes a quilt cover over a down quilt, you will have an easier time in caring for your set. You can simply remove the queen quilt cover and wash it separately. This will keep the down quilt on the inside away from the harsh condition of a washing, and it will remain it perfect condition. When the quilt cover is finished with the wash and dried, it can be slipped back over the down quilt interior and you will be ready to go.

Wash Regularly for Long-term Results

The first key washing instruction for any queen quilt set is simply to wash it on a consistent basis. If you wait too long between cycles of washing your quilt set, it won’t matter how good your washing process is. As time goes by, dirt and other particles will make a home in your quilt set and they won’t ever leave. In order to stay on top of the process and keep your queen quilt set in the best possible condition, make a schedule for washing and stick to it religiously. For a quilt set that is used on a daily basis, once per month is probably a good washing pattern.

There are many great looking quilt sets that can be ordered online, and even sent to you with free shipping. All of these quilt sets can make excellent additions to your home, but you will need to keep up the care schedule to get the most from your investment.

Washing a Cotton Quilt

For a cotton queen quilt set, you will need to take special care so that you do not damage or otherwise harm the quilt set in some way. Most standard cotton quilts can actually go into the washing machine, but only under certain circumstances. The first time you wash your cotton, queen quilt set, make sure to wash it alone so that any running colors do not get in with the rest of your clothes. It should be okay to wash the quilt with warm water, but make sure the water isn’t hot. Too hot of water could cause your queen quilt set to shrink, and might also damage the fibers of the cotton.

Even if you got the cotton quilt set on a great discount with free shipping, you still want it to last as long as possible. Another aspect of the washing process for a queen quilt set made of cotton is the detergent that you are using. It needs to be unscented, color-free liquid detergent so you can be sure you won’t damage the material. With a good run through the washing machine, even a cotton quilt set that has been treated harshly by the kids will come out looking good as new. Cotton is one of the best materials for a quilt set because of its soft feel and great insulation, but careful washing is necessary.

Down Quilt Sets Also Need Care

Even if you have a quilt cover for a down quilt, you will still want to wash the down quilt itself about once a year. Despite what you might believe, you can actually run the down quilt from your quilt and coverlet set through your home washing machine. First, make sure you have a large enough machine to handle the entire down quilt from your coverlet set. If the machine is big enough, run the down quilt through the machine twice on the gentlest cycle. Before placing your down quilt and coverlet set back on the bed, run it through your dryer, also on low. This process might take as much as a few hours to completely dry the quilt set, but you want to make sure it is dry all the way through before putting it back on the bed. If you don’t yet own a down queen quilt set.

Care is Always the Key

Most queen quilt sets are delicate items that need to be handled carefully so as not to be damaged during the washing process. Quilt sets are made from a variety of materials such as cotton, down, linen, and many others. No matter which materials are present in your quilt set, be sure to follow any washing instructions that were included when you made the purchase. Don’t let a careless spill by the kids ruin your new quilt set – get it washed quickly and back to new.

To find a great queen quilt set for your bedroom, start shopping online right away. With the free shipping that most outlets offer, you can typically find big savings over physical stores. Find free shipping on the perfect quilt set for you, and don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. With a consistent schedule of washing your queen quilt set using the tips above, you will be able to enjoy your new quilt for many years to come.