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What are Quilt and Coverlet Sets?


You have likely heard of quilt and coverlet sets, but maybe didn’t know exactly what they were. These quilt sets are designed to be comfortable and functional, stylish and useful. A quilt set will give you a great starting point to design any room around. No matter if you need a quilt set for a twin, full, queen, king, or even a California king, you can find a great quilt set and should be able to find free shipping, as well.

The Basics of a Coverlet

A coverlet is simply part of a quilt set that only hangs about halfway to the floor on all sides of the bed. Where a bedspread would drape across a queen bed (or any other size) and hang to the floor, a coverlet is a smaller option for your quilt set. Getting a quilt set with a coverlet will give you more options for decorating the room around your queen bed, and you will likely find it more comfortable as well. When you get free shipping on a quilt set that has a beautiful quilt and coverlet, you will be well-equipped with comfortable bedding that will work all year around.

Quilt and Coverlet Set Materials

While quilt sets come in a wide variety of different materials, down quilt sets are among the most popular (and most comfortable). If you are lucky enough to find a nice down quilt set with free shipping, be sure to take advantage. If you have a queen bed that you are in search of a quilt set for, you will be able to locate many nice looking options that combine great looks with the soft luxury commonly associated with down.

No matter which material you end up selecting for your quilt and coverlet set, make sure it fits with your climate and your personal preference. If you are a person that gets hot when sleeping, look for a quilt set that is made of lightweight materials to cover your twin, queen, full, king, or California king bed. On the other side, if you tend to be cold when you sleep, a heavier weight quilt set with more batting in the middle will insulate you during the night.

Quilt set shopping can also be influenced by where you live. You are be able to get free shipping on your quilt set anywhere you happen to be, you will want to avoid heavy quilt sets in a hot climate. Obviously, you will get more use out of a lightweight quilt set in a place that has high temperatures, so make sure to figure that into your buying decision. Likewise, people who are purchasing a queen quilt set (or another size) need to look for those heavier fabrics to stay warm on cold winter nights.

Design Patterns and Colors

Beyond just materials, quilt sets come in a great array of different design patterns and colors for you to choose from. You can get your coverlet set with a quilt cover, so you could actually change out the design depending on the season of the décor of the room around your bed.

Speaking of décor, the existing colors and patterns in your bedroom should be the starting point for picking out a quilt set. Rather than having to redecorate your room based on the coverlet set that you select, simply shop through the many options until you find something that works for what you have. Given the wide range of quilt sets with free shipping that are on the market today, you can be picky and search until you find just the right color to coordinate with your room.

Quilt sets are known for their variety of patterns, but you will want to be careful to not get one that clashes with your other decorations. If you have mostly solid color décor in the rest of the room, a busy pattern might add some flair to your atmosphere. There will be no shortage of quilt sets for you to pick from that have interesting designs one side. If you opt for this method, it might be best to get a quilt cover with your pattern in case you change room design and want to move to a quieter pattern. There are also plenty of quilt set options with a minimal pattern if you have decorations in other parts of the room that are busy.

Summary of Quilt and Coverlet Sets

When shopping for bedding for a queen bed, or any other size you may have, consider a quilt and coverlet set as a great option. You should be able to find free shipping from many online outlets that offer a wide variety of sets for you to pick from. To start your search, seek a quilt set that meets your criteria of lightweight or heavier fabric. Once you have the right type of quilt and coverlet set located, narrow down on the specific design and color that works perfectly in your room. A queen bed that is covered with a beautiful quilt set will look impressive and be functional for everyday use as well.

Take your time in reviewing all of the options available to you and you are sure to end up with something that you love. Don’t forget that quilt covers offer an affordable way to get multiple looks out of just one quilt set. Good luck and have fun shopping!