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A Price Guide for Bath Towels


If you are the type of person who appreciates good quality bath towels but lives on a budget, you may think you have to settle for the cheapest towels instead. However, if you plan ahead, there are several ways you can enjoy the luxurious feel of higher quality towels without spending a fortune.

Know When to Shop

Many items are seasonal and at the end of the season, they are marked down for sale. Bath towels are one such item where you can predict the best purchase time. For instance, January is a time when many stores mark down their linen items, such as bedding and towels. They expect to get in new styles for spring and are anxious to reduce old inventory quickly. This is a great time to find bargains on linen (bath towels) that would otherwise be too expensive for your budget.

Another great time to shop for bath towels to save money is the popular Black Friday events. Sales are often worth dealing with the crowds to get great deals. If you prefer to shop online, you can still benefit from the reduced prices and possibly get free shipping, too. This is a great time to look for high quality towels like bamboo or Egyptian cotton to begin or grow your collection. You can also begin upgrading to match your bath décor if you have been using the cheap, scratchy towels in the past.

Look for Clearance

While certain times of the year may offer better and more deals on bath towels, you can find clearance items almost year-round. Stores want to move inventory to make room for new items and you can benefit. While savings might not be quite as low the rest of the year, you can often find good bargains, such as buy one, get one free or half off.

The one drawback to shopping on clearance is that you don't always get exactly what you want. It is hard to predict which items will make it to the clearance section and which ones will sell out. If you are purchasing white towels, this will probably not be an issue. However, if you want to buy a set of towels to match your bath décor, you may not always find the exact color you want. Another option is to look at what is on clearance and select a color that complements your bath décor instead of matching it.

Shop Online

You can often find high quality linen (bath towels) for a reasonable price online. You may have to be prepared to do some research to find the best bargains. You can often find the best discounts at wholesale dealers. They usually cater to the business customer such as hotels or spas but will sell to individual customers, too.

We provide many options and can feature deals on brand new towels at a reduced price. These places often buy up large quantities of products from businesses that are closing. They buy them at a low price and can pass the savings on to you.

Know Your Prices and Save

While you may have bought the cheapest towels you could find when you first started out on your own, chances are that you will want to upgrade to something better to match your bath décor or for better quality. The best way to do this is to know what kind of linen (bath towels) you want and the prices you can expect to pay. If buying designer towels are a priority, you can plan on paying $50 to $100 or even more. Once you know the regular price, you can start looking for sales.

By taking the time to do research, you will recognize when you find a bargain and not end up paying more than you should. You can also start out purchasing one or two, which is not as much of an investment as trying to replace your entire stock. It allows you to save money for these towels when they do go on sale. You might find out about a sale that reduces your price by 20% or more.

You can also sign up for email alerts that let you know when your desired product is on sale. Many designer websites offer their email customers deals that they don't tell others about. They also alert you to special sales that are coming up so you can get your items before they sell out.

Buying high quality towels can be expensive unless you know how to research and hunt for bargains. Once you learn when to buy, where to buy, and how to shop, you can get your favorite towels for a much more attractive cost. Saving money while enjoying the luxury of your new bath towels is an unbeatable deal.