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How to Choose High Quality Bath Towels


The last thing you want when you step out of a luxurious bath or relaxing shower is to feel the scratchy material of a cheap towel even if it matches your bath decor. What you do want is to be able to wrap yourself in a plush, thick towel to continue the feeling of having a spa treatment at home. So, how do you find bath towels with the quality you enjoy at five-star hotels? Here are a few tips to ensure that you purchase the right kind of towels for your home.

Understand Fabric

One of the most important indicators of quality in bath towels is the type of material used. Most towels are made of cotton, but there are wide variations in quality. Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are usually the best choices for a towel that provides you the luxury you want. These materials are also the most durable, which means they can last a long time or at least until you are ready to change your bath décor and update the towels.

The difference in cottons is in the length of the fiber. Egyptian has the longest fiber, which contributes to the soft, plush feel that you enjoy wrapping around you. Supima cotton is shorter but still provides softness combined with durability. Standard cotton is marketed as 100% cotton and has the least amount of softness. However, it can be durable and long lasting.

You will also find blended linen (bath towels) that include both cotton and micro-fiber material. These are becoming more popular and are a contemporary choice. They make the towel feel lighter in weight. Bamboo towels feature a soft texture reminiscent of silk and are fast becoming a favorite of many people. One of their drawbacks is the limit of color options to match your bath décor.

You will also want to look at the edges of a towel to determine its quality. The double turned edge is not just an attractive feature, but one that provides extra durability. These edges will be less likely to fray than one with a woven edge.

Understand Density

Density refers to the number of fibers that are in a square foot and is also called the pile. A high quality bath towel will have a high density. For instance, you can expect Egyptian cotton towels to have a density of 250 grams. The highest quality towels will have an even higher number at 550 grams or more. It is not uncommon for organic cotton towels to have pile of 700 grams.

Bamboo towels often have high density of around 700 grams. You will find many bath towels in hotels to be made of Turkish cotton with at least 600 grams of density.

If you want to check the density on your towel, you can pinch a section of material between your fingers so you can see the loops of fibers. If there is space between the loops, you have a poor quality towel. However, if the loops are touching, you have made a good choice. The density determines how well the linen (bath towels) dry you off.

Understand Absorbency

A high quality linen towel will absorb the water while still providing the comfort you want. Low quality towels are often wet before you have even finished using them while the better quality choices may barely even feel wet. The best towels combine absorbency with lighter weight to dry quickly for the next use. Bamboo often wins in this category since it can be four times as absorbent as cotton, even Egyptian cotton. It will often feel lighter than other materials unless it is blended with cotton or another option. A heavy towel will take longer to dry after use or after laundering.

The new microfiber and cotton combination towels are absorbent with a light feel that still dries fast. They are fluffy and plush with a texture similar to soft suede. A velour finish on a terry-looped towel can reduce the absorbency and is often seen in woven towels. However, it is still a popular choice because of the soft texture and the elegant design.

Understand Price

Higher quality bath towels often have a higher price to go with them. However, these towels also tend to last longer, which can make them cheaper in the long run. Plus, most people do not buy that many towels at one time so shopping for one or two high quality bath towels is not a major investment. You can also often find deals and discounts such as free shipping on the better linen (bath towels) to make them more affordable.

So, how much can you expect to pay for a high quality towel? That depends on where you live and what kind of towels you buy. There are variations even within the same material. You can find towels for just over $10 made of Supima or organic cotton with free shipping while designer towels will have a price tag closer to $100. Of course, the name brand has a lot of influence in the price along with the material and density. That is why it is essential that you know what makes up a quality towel so that you know what to look for instead of just looking at the cost.

Choosing bath towels is about more than matching your bath décor or selecting a color you like. It is about knowing what makes one towel a better option than another one. To find high quality towels, you must know about your options in material, density, and absorbency as well as the price. Then you can wrap yourself in luxury comparable to the finest hotel or spa.