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Simple Ways to Remove Smell from Bath Towels


Sometimes your bath towels begin to exhibit a strong smell from use and no matter how long or often you wash them, that odor can remain. This strong, sour odor can be unpleasant when you use them after a shower. However, there is no need to replace the towels until you are ready to update your bath décor and buy new ones. Here are some tips to help you remove all kinds of smells from your bath towels.

Washing Your Towels

Allow your towels to have plenty of room to move around in the washing machine to circulate the detergent and get in the fibers of the bath towels to get rid of the odors. You can add white vinegar to the rinse to remove the sour smell. You can also use ammonia to remove odors. Either one of these products should be added during the rinse cycle. If you are concerned about their smells permeating the laundry, you can run it through a second rinse cycle.

Baking soda is a cleaner that can be added to the wash along with the detergent. It only takes about one-half cup of baking soda along with the regular amount of laundry soap to get rid of unpleasant smells. Ideally, you would add it to the wash and turn on the machine to agitate and circulate everything properly and then shut it off. If you let it set for a time before finishing the wash, you will notice a clean, fresh smell once the towels are dried.

You may also need to clean your washing machine. Sometimes odors get trapped in the crevices, causing unpleasant smells in your laundry. This is an easy fix since all you need to do is run an empty load with hot water, detergent, and bleach.

Instead of hanging up your towels for re-use, wash them right away to prevent odors from beginning. If you are worried about wearing out your towels from the constant washing, buy more towels to cycle through and cut down the number of washes. Even if you have designer towels to match your bath décor that are rather costly, you can look online to find sales and free shipping to reduce the cost of adding more to your inventory.

Drying Towels

While you don't want to dry your towels on the highest setting so they will continue to look like new, you don't want them to fail to dry thoroughly. Even slightly damp linen (bath towels) can take on a sour smell. Thick towels with longer fibers such as Egyptian cotton will take longer to dry.

You can also dry your clothes in the fresh air. This is an effective way to get rid of the sour smell and replace with the fresh smell of the outdoors. However, you must be careful when placing your bath towels out in the sun since it can bleach colored towels and cause them to look faded. Bamboo is color fast and more resistant but you do not want to leave any towels hanging in the sun longer than necessary.

Preventing Odors in Your Bath Towels

The sour smell that you notice in towels comes from the fact that they take too long to dry after being used. This can especially be a problem in the thicker, plusher towels because the fibers retain the moisture longer. While it is unpleasant to notice, you can take steps to prevent the odor.

First, spread out the towels over a towel rod or other area after use instead of tossing them on the floor or in a hamper. This allows them to dry quicker and reduce the likelihood of a smell. The problem is often worse in the summer with humidity that can slow the drying process even more.

Also, do not put towels in a basket or hamper with other wet, smelly clothes. They may take on other odors or become damp from clothing. Don't use too much detergent or other cleaning agents because they have a tendency to build up on the linen (bath towels) and cause odors. Odor molecules like to attach to the build-up, causing your clean towels to become smelly.

You may want to save your special towels such as the Egyptian cotton fluffy towels for special occasions, especially if they match your bath décor, and use plain white towels for everyday use. Because they have no color to be concerned about, you have more options to get them clean without worry over damage or fading. You can always shop online to find special savings such as reduced prices and free shipping for more white towels to have on hand.

Fresh-Smelling Products

There are a variety of products on the market today that reduce or remove odors by just being sprayed on. They will replace the sour smell with something fresher and fragrant. Some of the products cover up the odor while others actually remove it.

Caring for your towels to keep them looking and smelling like new takes some effort on your part. These tips will help you enjoy the fresh smell of your linen (bath towels) every time you use them. Washing, drying, and storing your bath towels correctly will ensure that you do not have to suffer through the sour smells every time you shower and dry off. Plus, you won't be tempted to replace the towels until they have worn out or you have gotten tired of your bath décor.