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Caring for Your Comforter

A comforter right out of the package has not yet expanded to its full loft.  Put the comforter in the dryer on low or allow 72 hours to achieve maximum loft.  Fluffing the comforter daily keeps it from bunching, while allowing it to air outside in non humid weather, out of sunlight a few times a year and draping it horizontally maintains comforter shape and freshness.  Alternatively, put the comforter in the dryer on low with a couple tennis balls to fluff it.  If you have a down comforter, avoid washing machines with agitators in the center.  It is best to have a down comforter dry cleaned.  If you decide to wash a down comforter, use a large sized front loading machine and avoid harsh detergents and excessive heat which dry and harden the down.  Use warm water with mild detergent on delicate.  To remove wrinkles from the down comforter cover, steam gently but never iron.  Dry the comforter completely to avoid mold, and use tennis balls in the dryer to fluff it.  A large sized machine will give it more room to dry and fluff.  Use a comforter cover or duvet cover to extend the life of the comforter and reduce the need to wash it.  Doing so will allow you to wash the comforter every one to three years.  Most down alternative comforters can be machine washed.  PrimaLoft should be washed with cold water on gentle cycle, and tumble dried at low temperatures.  As with down comforters, avoid the use of extreme heat, ironing, and bleach.  Silk comforters need only to be sun dried twice a year to maintain their freshness, or taken to a dry cleaner since water damages the silk.  To redistribute the fill of your comforter, lay it on a flat surface and push the filling in place with the heel of your hand and forearm.  Storing the comforter in a dry and ventilated room when not in use prevents mildew.