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A Guide to Blankets and Throws

Blankets top sheets when it comes to warmth and thickness.  The wool blanket is a traditional used for its warmth and breathability.  Wool blankets are made from sheep and evaporate moisture quickly, repel dirt, and resist fire.  Cotton blankets are lighter than wool blankets and provide added breathability and durability.  Blankets also come in down, a natural, insulating material from geese or ducks.  Blankets of synthetic fibers are hypoallergenic and made for softness and thickness.  A fleece blanket is composed of synthetic fibers which are lighter than wool.  Fleece is also soft, warm, and repels moisture.  A blanket of acrylic offers good warmth inexpensively, while a microplush blanket is composed of fine, velvety fibers for added softness and warmth.  Chenille refers to a certain process of weaving fiber, in which short pieces of yarn are bound up in at least two pieces of twisting strong yarn.  Chenille blankets gain luster and softness as a result of this process.  Blankets of cashmere and silk excel in softness and lightness.  The weave of a blanket determines its properties.  A thermal blanket is loosely woven, allowing heat to escape, and is hence ideal for the warmer sleeper or hotter climate.  Blankets of this weave are generally found in cotton or acrylic.  A blanket of conventional weave is woven tightly and is the most common type.  A throw blanket is a smaller blanket used outside the bed.  Throw blankets can be used for warmth, comfort, and decoration as well, as they are often seen draped across couches, sofas, and chairs.  A fleece throw or wool throw makes a good sofa accessory to have.  A tapestry throw is a blanket covered in art, many of which can be found here.  An afghan throw blanket is made of colored yarn which is knitted or crocheted.   There are many colorful afghan patterns to choose from among our selection.  An electric blanket is synthetic with thin wires throughout, and has different settings and controls.  An electric blanket is great to have during the winter.