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Best Ways to Clean Shower Curtains



The shower itself may be cleaned up by water and soap, but untidy and dirty shower curtains make up for unhygienic conditions. Grime can build up with regular use, and once humans come in contact with pathogens during baths, they are exposed to many diseases. According to some estimates, shower curtains may be one of the main aspects that contribute to individuals getting ill. Mildew, soap scum, and mold that are not cleaned can actually lead to serious infections. Especially during the winter, this cannot be ignored as the water spray can be problematic, acting as a passageway for germs to spread into the human body. Therefore, some proper actions are needed in order to make sure the shower curtains are cleaned and fit for baths.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

It is not necessary to throw away the shower curtains or liners that you take off the rods once they get mildewed or dirty. Try to clean it in the washer with a few bath towels at most and on the low setting. Otherwise, you can also take down the shower curtains and place them in the washing machine with one cup of baking soda. (You can find some great deals on baking soda online with free shipping). Wash it in one complete cycle in hot or warm water. Also, it is extremely necessary to make sure that the fabric will not be damaged or affected while being washed. A simple recipe is to add half a cup of vinegar while the rinse cycle is on, and then let it dry while dripping and not putting it in the dryer.


Vinegar can be used to clean soap scum off of shower curtains. This can be done by taking it off the rods and putting the shower curtains and a bunch of soiled bath towels in the washing machine. After the shower curtains are put into the washer, add normal detergent with a little bit of vinegar in it. Wash it on the gentle cycle. Take the shower curtains out after the spin cycle and hang back on the rods to dry. Another procedure is to add some laundry detergent and baking soda in the washer and put it in warm water. Add one cup of vinegar in the first cycle. Remove the shower curtains and place them to dry on the rods before the machine goes enters the final spin cycle.


Bleach is an excellent option. If one is running short of time, mix some bleach with water in a spray bottle and spray the filthy shower curtain from top to bottom. This is an easier and quicker way, and also handles the problem until you absolutely have to take the shower curtains off the rods in order to wash them.


A better method of getting the mold and mildew off the shower curtains is to wash them along with a few bath towels (this is to prevent the shower curtains from crinkling). In warm water, add some bleach (1/2 cup) and laundry detergent (1/4 cup), for which you can find some great deals online with free shipping. Leave the washer on for a few minutes until filling it. Also, then the shower curtains and towels ought to be in the dryer on the lowest temperature setting for about 10 minutes. Then they can be hanged on the rods to dry.


Furthermore, the easiest way to get shower curtains clean quickly is to place the shower curtains into the washer, and put the shower curtains in with a couple of a blanket or towels. Add one cup of bleach and one cup of detergent. Run the washer on the gentle cycle with the use of hot or warm water. The second the washer’s spin cycle ends, take the shower curtains out and place them on the shower rods in the bathroom. Let the shower curtains drip until they are dry, and all the wrinkles in the shower curtains will vanish after a few showers.


The scrubbing of shower curtains can be quite time consuming, even frustrating. The above mentioned method is a much faster and a lot more efficient way of removing those pesky stains and soap scum; take it off from the rods, take off the rings, and place the shower curtains in the washer. One can then simply stop the washer and place the shower curtains back on the rods to dry.

Change the Soap

Another method to keep shower curtains clean is to change the soap you use in the shower. Usual bar soap when combined with water and dirt may generate soap scum. If the flow of water is slow, the problem may get worse. A solution may be to use body wash or shower gel to decrease the soiling of shower curtains. The main advantage of these products is that they do not leave much residue on the shower curtain.

Use Fabric Softener

To avoid taking the shower curtain off the rods, one can simply use a fabric softener, which cleans up soap residue quickly. Pour a little liquid fabric softener (can be bought online with free shipping) on a clean piece of cloth and then wipe the shower curtains. Alternatively, you can put a few tablespoons of fabric softener in a bottle and then squirt it all over the shower curtains. Later, wipe the shower curtains with a cloth, and rinse the shower curtains with a hose or flexible shower head.