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A Price Guide for Shower Curtains



The most important determinant of price for shower curtains is the material they are made out of. Most shower curtains are made from synthetic materials, but some are manufactured from natural fiber like cotton, linen or even hemp. However, the single most common material, synthetic or otherwise, that shower curtains are made out of is polyester.

Vinyl shower curtains are often found in clearance sections online and in stores. Prices for vinyl shower curtains usually range from around $10 to around $25, unless you happen to come across a very expensive brand, or a very exceptional design or pattern, in which case prices can go into the neighborhood of $50. The variation in price is usually a result of the brand, color, pattern, quality of printing, and size of such shower curtains.

Cotton shower curtains on the other hand tend not to be cheap. Not only do they cost more to manufacture, they also play a very important role in adding to your bath décor. Vinyl shower curtains simply cannot bring the elegance and flair to your bathroom that cotton shower curtains can. Even cheap cotton shower curtains have a superior look when compared to those made from synthetic materials. Prices for cotton shower curtains start at around $25 and go upwards of $100. Designer cotton curtains, however, may exceed this range. Apart from factors like color, pattern, design, print quality and brand, prices may also vary depending on the quality of cotton fabric used. These are, of course, retail prices for individual units; if you are planning on buying shower curtains for the whole house or have many bathrooms, you can find some wholesale deals. You may also be able to find cheap cotton shower curtains on clearance shelves in departmental stores.

Polyester shower curtains fall somewhere between vinyl ones and cotton ones, in terms of both price and aesthetic appeal. Compared to cotton ones they may be cheap, but there are too many other factors affecting retail price. Polyester, being synthetic, is less prone to mildew and mold, and most polyester shower curtains come treated with biocide, which are chemical substances that prevent harmful organisms from growing on the curtains. Prices can range from $20 to $80, but can go upwards of $100 for expensive designer brands. Polyester shower curtains are perhaps the best option in terms of material since they are easy to take care of, last longer than other material options, and can often be found online in clearance sections and with options like free shipping.

Some of the other materials that shower curtains are made from include PEVA and resin. These are not very common, and are among the cheaper options. Prices range from around $10 to around $30.

Online vs. In Store

Are you planning on buying your shower curtains online? This could have an impact on the price you pay for a certain product. Shower curtains are usually cheaper online than they are in stores, for similar quality of course. When buying online you have the added advantage of free shipping options. Furthermore, you can find complete shower curtain sets that include a shower curtain liner, shower curtain rods, rings to hang the shower curtain on the rods, and the shower curtain itself. Buying a set has two advantages. First, it’s cheaper to buy a set than to buy the same items individually. Second, buying a set ensures that there is a consistency among the different items in your bath, in terms of color, pattern, and design. Another reason to look for curtains online is the option of finding exceptional wholesale offers on shower curtains as well as shower curtain accessories like rods, liners, rings etc. Shopping online is also beneficial if you are looking for curtains in odd sizes.


Now, a word on accessories that go with shower curtains. The most important shower curtain accessories are shower curtain rods. These seemingly mundane fixtures have the job of holding shower curtains and liners in place day in day out. For best functionality it is advisable that you buy good quality shower curtain rods that last longer and do not need any sort of repair while you use them. Shower curtain rods come in a variety of shapes. There are the regular stainless steel or chrome rods, which are the most common type. Prices range from around $20 to around $50 or even higher, depending on the finish and features. L-shaped shower rods and curved shower ones tend to be more expensive. You can find great deals on shower curtain rods when you buy them wholesale.