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Blanket Types

A throw blanket is smaller than a traditional blanket and is used outside of the bed.  A fleece throw or wool throw is often used on a sofa but can also be used on a chair.  Throw blankets make for good decoration as well as comfort and warmth in your bedding.  Most throws measure 50” by 60” or 50” by 70”.  Throws come in a wide variety of materials as well as styles.  An afghan throw is a style of blanket which is patterned in colored yarn by knitting or crocheting.  Afghan throws come in all materials and may have geometric or thematic designs.  The afghan throw may have fringed edges and can add a shawl-like feel to the living room.  A tapestry throw blanket is woven with only horizontal threads visible.  The horizontal threads also run across separate portions of the blanket.  Many tapestry throws are woven on Jacquard looms, which produce many different weaves per section of cloth.  Jacquard looms create blankets and throws using thousands of hooks controlled by computers, allowing the creation of complex patterns seen on tapestry throws.  A tapestry throw may be covered in patterns or beautiful art, just like an afghan blanket.  Herringbone blankets or throws use a v-shaped weaving pattern resembling a broken zigzag.  Bouclé blankets and throws use a novelty yarn with loops ranging from tiny circlets to large curls, created by combining at least two strands in alternating tension.  This yields a blanket which has soft ribbons or thick and separate soft strands.  Popcorn blankets have thick and bulky bumps, and ruffled blankets have a stringy texture.  These textures provide alternatives to the traditional fleece blanket or wool blanket.  Patterns on blankets and throws include honeycomb heart, fleur de lis, floral designs, checkers, and more.  Afghan and tapestry throws display a variety of artwork, messages, themes, patterns, and motifs.