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Specialty Blankets

Electric blankets and throws use insulated wire or other heating elements along with a control unit for adjusting settings.  Today’s electric blanket is low voltage and has an auto-shutoff control to avoid overheating.  Electric blankets can have up to 10 heat settings and many use carbon fiber wires, which are less noticeable.  Electric blankets and throws may be machine washable and have dual controls for each side of the bed if using a queen or king sized blanket.  Electric blankets and throws are a great way to heat up quickly and can be used in bedding or on the couch.  Another great use of the electric blanket is pre-heating the bed.  Thermal blankets are loosely woven, allowing air to escape.  As such, a thermal blanket is ideal for hot climates or summer months, when less bedding insulation is needed.  Blankets of this type are generally made of cotton or acrylic.  Blankets and throws may come with down filling, combining the thickness of the comforter with the versatility of a blanket.  Down alternative blankets and throws with filling such as PrimaLoft are also available, which provide hypoallergenic bedding comfort.  Vellux is a plushy velour-like material which does not fray and can be found in throws and blankets of all sizes.  Throws can be oversized, feature embossed textures, and consist of faux fur, satin, or silk.  Satin borders on throws and blankets are not uncommon to see and add a nice touch and feel.  They can be found on more modern blankets and throws, compared to the traditional fleece throw or wool blanket, along with hand knitted and crocheted blankets.