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A Guide to Bed Pillows

There are many pillows to choose from.  There are bed pillows and throw pillows, which are like decorative pillows.  The word cushion may be interchangeable with pillow, although a cushion is more generally a soft bag filled with air or padding.  Pillows may be filled with all kinds of bedding materials.  A foam pillow provides soft and flexible support.  Foam pillows often come with bumps, contours, and other textures which provide massage-like comfort and support.  A memory foam pillow extends the elastic nature of the foam pillow by molding to your body and softening in response to temperature.  Memory foam pillows also come in different shapes and textures for added comfort and therapeutic benefits.  Pillows may be filled with down, which allows users to shape the pillow in addition to providing excellent softness.   Pillows of down alternative materials emulate the benefits of down while precluding allergic reactions.  In addition to filling, pillows of different designs and purposes abound.  Orthopedic pillows are designed for support, to correct body positioning, or prevent problems related to posture, injury, or medical conditions.  The body pillow is a long pillow that cradles the entire body and provides full comfort to side sleepers.  The contour pillow has a curved design that cradles the head, neck, and shoulders.  The neck pillow or travel pillow has a horseshoe design that supports the head in a sitting or resting position.  The wedge pillow is a sloping or triangular pillow that keeps the body elevated during sleep.  Lumbar pillows are half-moon shaped and placed at the lower back to relieve lumbar pain in a sitting position.  Bolster pillows are cylindrical pillows for propping and bolstering bedding support.  The pregnancy pillow is a body pillow filled completely with down for softer, more flexible comfort.  Decorative pillows are smaller pillows in standard or oval shapes used to grace a bed or couch for stylistic purposes.  Pillowcases of decorative pillows carry colorful designs compared to the standard white shams designed purely for contact and use.