Pillow Types

A memory foam pillow is composed of polyurethane with added chemicals to increase viscosity and density.   As a result, the memory foam pillow softens and flexes in response to weight, returning to its original shape when not in use.  Memory foam pillows cradle your head and provide extra support at higher pressure points.  The newer generation memory foam pillow has an open-cell structure that reacts to body heat and weight, molding to your body.  The open cell structure also increases the breathability of the memory foam pillow.  The foam pillow relieves pressure point, prevents pressure sores, and also reduces motion transfer.  Memory foam pillows may come with added features such as ventilation, cooler foam, and gel tops to lower the temperature of the foam, or may be scent infused for aromatherapy.  Memory fiber is an innovation which combines the properties of memory foam with the filling of polyester and adjustability of down.  A body pillow of memory foam is not uncommon, and the neck pillow can also be found in memory foam.  The body pillow is designed to give full body comfort to side sleepers.  Side sleeping reduces snoring, sleep apnea, and releases breathing airways, making the body pillow a must for relieving pressure on the neck, arms, and shoulders.  One type of body pillow designed specifically for pregnant women is the pregnancy pillow.  The neck pillow, like the body pillow, also relieves stiff neck and frozen shoulder and releases breathing airways.  A neck pillow may be curved (contoured) or come with an indentation called a D-core.  Decorative pillows can be filled with Endurium, which provides a down like feel.  Decorative pillows come in all shapes, including spheres, cylinders, and wheels and provide accents to your bedding.  The cylinder is also called a bolster pillow and can be used as a neck pillow.  Find stylish pillowcases to make your decorative pillows shine.