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More About Pillows

Pillow sizes are diverse.  The wedge pillow measures 24” x 24” x 5.5” and fits a 26” x 26” Euro sham cover.  The contour or neck pillow can be 14” x 24” x  4” or 16” x 24” for the D-core pillow.  Decorative pillows can be 12” x 16” at their smallest and are square or rectangular.  Standard pillow size is 20” by 26”, queen pillow is 20” by 30”, and king pillow is 20” by 36”.  A Euro pillow is a square pillow measuring 26” x 26”.  A jumbo pillow is 20” x 28”.  A typical body pillow is 20” by 54”.  Body pillows can be boomerang shape as well as rectangular.  Some interesting pillow fillings include the Perma-Loft pillow, which is filled with comfort spheres of 80% puff ball fiber and 20% gel fiber, allowing it to maintain its shape after multiple washings.  Recycled fiber pillows are created with plastic bottles which have been melted down to extract polyester.  Some pillows combine memory foam and gel fiber on separate sides, giving the function of a memory foam pillow and the option of a synthetic fill non memory foam pillow.  A wool pillow can absorb moisture and release it, as well as trap pockets of air, keeping you at the ideal temperature no matter what the climate.  The wool in the pillow surrounds a polyester filling.  This style of pillow is called a chamber pillow, due to the inner chamber surrounded by a different bedding material.  Other chamber pillows are filled with down and feathers and surrounded by polyester fill to cushion against the feathers.  Alternatively, the outer layer can be down.  This provides the support of a feather pillow with the comfort of down pillow.  Pillow accessories such as a pillow protector are used to seal the pillow from dust and other allergens.  Nanofiber can create a waterproof pillow, and a gusset allows air to flow out of the pillow.  The snore pillow is a foam pillow with a contoured shape to keep the head and neck in a position to prevent snoring.