Bed Skirts

A bed skirt is a piece of fabric placed between the box spring and the mattress on a bed to both decorate as well as cover the space under the bed.  Bed skirts give a bed a stylish touch in addition to hiding the box spring and space beneath, which may be used for storage.  As such, a bed skirt completes your bedding ensemble.  In the past, a bed skirt was used to block drafts, which could chill the undersides of a bed.  A bed skirt is also called a dust ruffle and can come separate or with a bed set.  A dust ruffle is so called because it protects the space under a bed from dust.  Bed skirts and dust ruffles can be pleated, tiered, or ruffled and come in a variety of materials including sateen, satin, and Egyptian cotton.  You can find a bed skirt in many different colors to match your bedding.  Bed skirts can be found in all sizes from twin to California king.  The drop of a bed skirt is the distance it extends to the floor.  Drops can range from 14” to 18”, with most bed skirts at 15 inches.  The pleats on a bed skirt are at the corners as well as center of each side.  Bed skirts may also be adjustable or easy to install without lifting the mattress.  Bed skirts also come in a variety of thread counts and most are machine washable.  Microfiber bed skirts offer the advantages of high thread count without the cost, and also resist wrinkles and pilling.