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Bed Skirt Details

Bedskirts can come in any bed size.  A twin bed skirt measures 39” x 75”, a twin xl bed skirt is 39” x 80”, a full bed skirt is 54” x 75”, a queen bed skirt is 60” x 80”, a king bed skirt is 78” x 80”, and a California king bed skirt is 72” x 84”.  Split corners on a bed skirt are a pleat which separates the edges from meeting.  Bed skirts may come in a variety of materials.  Cotton sateen bedskirts are softer than cotton and have sheen, while Egyptian cotton in a bedskirt has a long staple length for increased softness and durability.  A microfiber bedskirt is composed of very fine, small synthetic fibers which resist wrinkling and pilling, which is a surface defect caused by wear.  Matte satin is a mid to heavy weight fabric with a soft, rich glow.  The thread count of a bed skirt or dust ruffle determines the tightness of the weave and hence the ability of the bed skirt or dust ruffle to repel dust.  Bed skirt designs include sateen stripe, which are cotton sateen stripes, and eyelet, which are delicate floral punches covering the borders of the bedskirt.  Stripes of microfiber on a bedskirt are also available.  Bedskirts can also have other floral designs and embroidered hems.  Pleats at the corners allow the bed rails room, and together with side pleats, give the bed skirt a nice look.  Alternately, a ruffled bed skirt or dust ruffle can introduce elegance into your bedding.  Adjustable bedskirts can be stretched around the box spring without having to lift the mattress.  A bed skirt can be an add-on to a bedspread or bed set or be chosen separately.