Sheet Buying Guide

What Type of Sheets Should I Buy?

The type of sheet you are going to want to buy will depend on your personal preference as well as your individual needs. The things that will be taken into consideration when purchasing your sheet sets include mattress size, price, fabric, comfort, durability, ease of care, design and color. With the large variety of sheets you'll find at Linens `n Things, shopping for sheets will be an exciting and fun experience!

You may love the smooth silky feeling you get from satin sheets but desire softness and durability of cotton sheets. 100% cotton sheets are also a great year round choice. If your budget isn't an issue, you'll love the look and feel of Pima sheets or a high TC Egyptian sheet set. Sheets with a blend of fabrics tend to wrinkle less, are very durable and are a great choice for children's bedding. You'll find that the sheet sets with the higher percentage of cotton, the higher thread count and the better quality of cotton are going to be higher priced.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count (TC) is a term used to describe the construction of a sheet set and stands for the number of threads that are woven, both crosswise and lengthwise, into each square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the tighter they're woven together, which produces a more durable, softer and luxurious sheet. Sheets are usually categorized by their thread count:

Good - Sheets made with a TC of 160 such as 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend. Percale sheets are usually 160 or higher.
Better - Sheets made with a TC of 200 will have a softer feel and may also be 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend.
Best - Sheets with a TC of 250 and higher are usually considered as luxury sheets such as luxury sateen, percale, 100% Pima cotton, Sateen weave or 100% Egyptian cotton.

What Does A Sheet Set Consist Of?

When you purchase a sheet set, you'll get a complete set that will make your bed look inviting and functional. All of our sheet sets consist of a full sheet and a fitted sheet. The Twin and Twin Extra long sheet sets include one coordinating pillowcase, while the Full/Double and Queen sheet sets include two standard pillowcases and the King and California King sheet sets include two King pillowcases.

At Linens `n Things, we have sheet sets in a variety of sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your bed and your children will not have to worry about outgrowing their favorite style or design. For the maximum durability and most attractive appearance, always know the exact size of your bed before ordering or purchasing sheet sets. Here is a chart showing the exact sizes of each individual item in our sheet sets. This chart is designed to be used as a guide when purchasing sheet sets for your bedroom.

TWIN39" X 75"66" X 96"20" X 30"
TWIN XL39" X 80"66" X 100"20" X 30"
FULL/DOUBLE54" X 75"81" X 96"20" X 30"
QUEEN60" X 80"90" X 102"20" X 30"
KING78" X 80"108" X 102"20" X 40"
CAL KING72" X 84"108" X 102"20" X 40"

*If you have an extra thick mattress, keep this in mind when purchasing fitted sheets as the standard width is 11". Shop for a fitted sheet with a deeper pocket.

Fabrics Used in Sheet Sets

With the exception of a few fabrics, most sheet sets are made of some blend of cotton, although there are many different varieties. Once you familiarize yourself with the different fabric types, you'll know exactly what you want and what you're ordering when you place your order at Linens `n Things.

Combed cotton is cotton that has been put through a process to remove impurities and short fibers in the fabric to give you a soft, smooth fabric. Combed cotton may be described as 100% cotton even though it may be made of standard grade cotton. Combed cotton is a very breathable fabric that provides a soft and comfortable feeling on your body and is perfect for year round use.

Egyptian cotton is cotton that gets its name because it's only grown in Egypt. Because of Egypt's long cotton-growing season, this particular brand of cotton is a lustrous and beautiful cotton with exceptional quality. Egyptian cotton, due to its very long fibers, is known around the world for its beauty as well as durability. These sheets are usually found with thread counts of 200 or more. Although some sheets may be a blend of Egyptian cotton and standard cotton, for the softest fabric, look for 100% Egyptian cotton.

Flannel is a loosely woven cotton blend, whose quality is measured by the ounces of material per square yard, with four or more ounces being good quality flannel. Flannel is popular for its texture or "nap", which gives a soft, fleecy feel, making it perfect for cold weather. It's often used in children and baby bedding.

Jersey is a knit fabric that is very porous and will let air circulate, making it a good choice for the hot summers. Because of its stretch and elasticity, it provides a good fit and becomes softer with age.

Muslin is tougher blend of cotton that is often used in children's sheets that are printed or dyed with designs or figures. Muslin sheets will often "pill" and tend to fade when washed more than other sheets. Muslin sheets usually come in lower thread counts.

Percale is a closely woven and combed cotton fabric that may be 100% cotton or a blend of cotton/polyester. It's finer than muslin, provides a soft touch and, when blended with polyester, seldom wrinkles. Percale is seen in many sheet sets designed for everyday use.

Pima cotton is known for its soft, silky feeling. Pima cotton is only grown in Australia, Peru, and Pima, Arizona. Pima cotton that's grown in America is 100% pima cotton with the trademark name "Supima", which means "superior pima". Because of the long staple fibers in pima cotton, it's a luxurious and very durable cotton as well as the highest grade of cotton in the United States.

Sateen sheets are a weave rather than a fiber and are designed with a two-threads-over-one-thread production, resulting is a lustrous appearance.

Satin is also a weave, made of a blend of cottons, wool, polyester, acetate, silk or other fabrics. Satin sheets are very sleek and smooth.

Silk sheets are more luxurious and desired more than any other sheets. The threads are longer, which makes the fabric very strong while still delicate. Silk is not measured by thread count but rather its weight in pounds, known as "momme weight". The higher the momme weight, the better the silk. Silk sheets are elegant, versatile and have been around longer than any other fabric.

Caring For My Sheets

Sheet should always be washed in cold water with like colors to prevent fading and spilling of colors. They can be dried on a low setting but make sure you don't overload the dryer. To avoid wrinkling, remove promptly from the dryer and fold immediately. Your sheets will not need bleach or fabric softeners. They'll wash clean and look great with just detergent and will get softer with each washing. Cotton sheets look and feel great when hung on a clothes line outdoors.