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Keg Works Vacu-Vin Vacuum Wine Saver
Keg Works [225108-228]

Vacu-Vin Vacuum Wine Saver

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Keep your wine fresh for days after opening. The Vacu-Vin vacuum wine saver is now used by over 25 million wine drinkers around the world making it the world's best selling branded wine accessory! This wine saver is a vacuum pump that extracts the air from the opened bottle and reseals it using a special reusable rubber stopper. This slows down the oxidation process so that you can enjoy your wine for a longer period of time. The bottle can be opened and resealed as many times as needed. Used in thousands of bars and restaurants, it's as indispensable as a corkscrew! Don't forget to pick up some extra stoppers, just in case! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Preserves wine after opening. Specs: Dimensions: 5"H. Includes: (1) Rubber stopper. (1) Air extraction pump.
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Vacu-Vin Vacuum Wine Saver
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