Keg Works US Sankey Keg Coupler
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US Sankey Keg Coupler

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Fit tight spaces with this short handle D-system coupler. 1/2-inch shorter than a standard coupler! It's ideal for slim 1/4 kegs with high walls around the coupler fitting. Standard sankey lever handles are 2 1/2-inches long; This handle is only 2-inches long. That 1/2-inch can make a huge difference depending on the keg you're tapping. 99 percent of the beers brewed in the United States and Canada use this coupler. Fits Budweiser, Michelob, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, Coors Light, Killian's, Sam Adams, Molson, Labatt, and lots more. Fits D System keg tap valves. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Works for most domestic beers. Durable hard nickel plating. Internal safety relief device. Get the right coupler for your keg -. Specs: Fits D System keg taps valves. Dimensions: 6 1/2"W x 3 1/4"H x 2 1/2"D. Handle dimensions: 2"L.
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US Sankey Keg Coupler - D System - Short Lever Handle
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