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Keg Works Premium Double Gauge CO2 Regulator
Keg Works [225108-431]

Premium Double Gauge CO2 Regulator

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One gauge tells you the pressure to the keg and the other shows how much air is left in your air tank. Nonadjustable "shut down" blows off at 55-65 psi. Has a convenient air shut off switch. The polycarbonate bonnet is lighter weight and stronger than zinc bonnet regulators and it will not corrode in wet environments. No special tools are required to raise or lower the CO2 pressure. The cap knob simply pulls out so it can be turned to adjust pressure up or down then pushes back in to lock in pressure. In stock and ready to ship. Features: 0-60 gauge measure pressure to each keg. 0-2000 gauge measures CO2 in tank. Has air shut off switch for CO2 line. High CO2 volumetric flow to insure continuity in product dispensing. Bonnet material is glass-filled polycarbonate. 10 Micron filter built in to keep contaminants out of regulator. Less prone to freeze up problems. Approved by Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Includes: Includes double gauge regulator. . .
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Premium Double Gauge CO2 Regulator - Polycarbonate Bonnet
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