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Keg Works Kegerator Accessory Kit
Keg Works [225108-705]

Kegerator Accessory Kit

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Maximize your kegerator's potential with this useful kit of system-enhancing kegerator accessories. You get seven tools, gadgets and add-on kegerator parts, all made exclusively to adjust your system and keep it nice and clean. You'll get: * Gauge Protectors to cushion your fragile regulator gauges and safeguard them from damage, so your regulator lasts longer. * The Tap Soother to shield your faucet from the gross microbes and bugs that would like to make their home in its sticky confines, which will improve the taste of your beer and keep your system clean! * A Combination Wrench so good that it's the only tool you need to disassemble your system for cleaning. One end is the spanner wrench need for removing your faucet and the other wrench will fit all the hex nut connectors on couplers and shanks. * An Air Tank Offset Wrench specifically designed to fit all North American CO2 air tanks. This one conveniently hangs from the regulator when it's not in use, so when it's time to refill your CO2 tank, you know right where it is. * A high-quality Pocket Thermometer to determine the temperature of your beer, accurately balance your system and help you diagnose common draft beer issues. * Extra Rubber Washers to replace the ones bound to go missing after a system cleaning. Keeping a few of these guys on hand makes sure you spend less time searching in cracks, crevices and drains and more time enjoying your beer. * SmartStrip, the reusable tool that measures the volume and temperature inside of your keg. When applied to the keg wall, it reads remaining beer contents and temperature using liquid crystal technology. No more shaking your keg to guess how many beers are left inside. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Maximizes your kegerator's functionality. Makes cleaning and adjusting your system easier than ever. . Includes: [Set of 6] Beer Line Rubber Washers. Air Tank Offset Wrench. Heavy Duty Beer Faucet and Hex Nut Wrench. Keg Thermometer Smartstrip. [Set of 2] Reg
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Kegerator Accessory Kit
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