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Lecite - Emulsifier

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  • Product Brand: Texturas - Country of Origin: Spain
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Emulsification allows the creation of airy, light textures. A new way of seasoning or bringing an elegant touch to finish a dish in a spectacular way. Emulsifiers like Lecite have the capacity to join two phases that cannot be mixed, such as fatty and watery mediums, which makes it possible to make emulsions that otherwise would be very difficult to obtain. A natural (made from nontransgenic) soy lecithin-based emulsifier, Lecite is ideal for making airs. Presented in a refined powder, Lecite is cold soluble and very soluble in aqueous mediums. Thanks to its great emulsifying power, Lecite is the ideal product for converting juices and other watery liquids into airs. It also has a surprising capacity to emulsify impossible sauces.
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1 can, 10.5 oz Lecite - Emulsifier
  • Type: Technical Baking
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