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Xantana - Thickening Agent

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  • Product Brand: Texturas - Country of Origin: Spain
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Xantana is an exciting technical cooking product which can thicken soups, sauces, creams, etc., by adding a very small amount of the product, and without distorting the initial taste characteristics. Xantana is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch with a bacteria (Xanthomonas campestris) found in cabbage. The result is a gum with great thickening power. It also has notable potential as a suspensoid, which means that it can maintain elements in suspension in a liquid without their sinking into it. It can also retain gas. Xantana allows you to control the viscosity of the liquid without heating the liquid. Its amazing benefit against other more conventional thickening methods is that flavor and color will not be changed. The thicker liquid doesn't allow the fruits to settle on the bottom.
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1 can, 21.1 oz Xantana - Thickening Agent
  • Type: Technical Baking
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