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Gourmet Food Store Calcic - Spherifier
Gourmet Food Store [52218-2202]

Calcic - Spherifier

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  • Product Brand: Texturas - Country of Origin: Spain
  • Product is shelf-stable and will ship via FedEx Ground service
  • Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day
Calcic is used for the molecular cooking technique called "Basic Spherification", where the spheres are created by submerging a liquid with Algin in a bath of Calcic. Spherification is a spectacular cooking technique which enables you to prepare recipes that no-one had even imagined before. It consists of the controlled gelification of a liquid which, submerged in a bath, forms spheres. This technique can obtain spheres of different sizes and shapes, like caviar, eggs, gnocchi, ravioli, which can be manipulated, filled with ingredients that will remain in suspension, thereby combining flavors. Presented in granules, Calcic is highly water soluble with a great moisture absorption capacity.
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1 can, 21.1 oz Calcic - Spherifier
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  • Type: Technical Baking
Status:In Stock
Sku: 4104701
Id: 16561

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