Gourmet Food Store Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate Baking Block
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Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate Baking Block

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  • Product Brand: Callebaut - Country of Origin: Belgium
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Callebaut's gianduja is a mixtures of chocolate and hazelnut paste that are ready to use: just cut or beat into an aerated filling. This block of Gianduja is also perfect for flavoring crèmes, bavarois, and pastry interiors. Gianduja's contain around 30% hazelnuts and 70% milk or dark chocolate. It makes a great filling in molded pralines or can be enrobed after cutting. Callebaut is one of the rare chocolate makers that still selects, roasts and grinds its own cocoa beans, the beans are roasted in their entire shell, to protect them and keep in all the aromas and subtleties. This yields a more intense, more complex and deeper cocoa flavor, unmistakably Callebaut.
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1 block, 11 lbs Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate Baking Block
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