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Harold Imports Roul'Pat  2397
Harold Imports [171318-26]

Roul'Pat 2397

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Makes rolling out pastry dough easier!This unique mat is composed of fiberglass and coated on both sides with non-stick silicone, allowing for the dough to be rolled out effortlessly. With the Roul'Pat, you can roll, pat, kneak, and beat dough, gum paste, fondant, or working with sugar and chocolate. Also great for arts & crafts, gluing, painting, modeling clay, and more!When rolling out dough on the "top surface" of the mat (side with Roul'Pat logo), there is no need to sprinkle the mat or dough itself with flour. The "reverse side" is skid resistant and secures itself to any working surface.The elimination of extra flour has many advantages: The dough is smoother and less dry. The dough is finer looking and retains its glossiness The workspace is cleaner It prevents allergies due to flour dust There is no need to add extra fats to compensate for the flour It is economical Measures 24 1/2" x 16 1/2" **Please remember** Though the Roul'Pat and Silpat look and feel the same, the Roul'Pat should not be used in a conventional oven. It is not designed as a baking mat. It is too large and should never be cut of folded to fit into the oven.

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Roul'Pat 2397
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