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Silpat Silpat Non-Stick Baking Liner  11 7/8
Silpat [171318-27]

Silpat Non-Stick Baking Liner 11 7/8" x 16" 2409

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This silicone baking liner is prized by many professional bakers, and for good reason. Just place your Silpat on your baking pan and all types of cookies and pastries slide right off after baking. Silpat« consists of one 11 5/8" x 16 1/2" baking mat. Rolls up for easy storage and won't stain or absorb odors.Silpat« is composed of woven glass fabric impregnated with food grade silicones and has been tested and approved by NSF international.Silpat« is as effective for baking as it is for freezing patisseries, and can be used at temperatures varying from -400 C to +2500 C. It must be used flat and placed on a baking sheet (preferably perforated). Silpat« can be used in all types of ovens. No greasing is required as Silpat« is, by nature, anti-adherant.Use the smooth side of Silpat« to place any product to be baked or frozen, the reverse side is rougher and will prevent the Silpat« from slipping on the baking sheet.Uses and RecommendationsHandling - Do not grease the Silpat«. Ensure it is clean and dry before placing any patisserie upon it, then bake or freeze.Depanning - Allow the baked pieces to cool down, then remove them one by one, or by gently lifting two corners of the Silpat«, so as to allow the baked pieces to roll off the baking sheet.Maintenance - After each use, wipe the Silpat« with a moist, soft sponge, so as to remove baked particles. If necessary, you may wash the Silpat«. To wash: turn on hot water and lay the Silpat« in the sink (do not use scrapers or brushes of any kind to clean the Silpat«). Use only mild detergents (no abrasives). Wipe the surface of the Silpat« with a soft sponge, then rinse well. Shake the Silpat« to remove water, and place it on a baking sheet and allow to dry.Precautions - Silpat« is ready for immediate use, it does not need to be cured in the oven. Do not put the Silpat« into an oven when there is no patisse

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Silpat Non-Stick Baking Liner 11 7/8" x 16" 2409
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