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AireGourmet 14" x 16" Air Insulated Anodized Baking Sheet 2001

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The AireGourmet Air Insulated Baking Sheet is an anodized aluminum baking sheet that offers perfect baking results and prevents burning.The baking sheet is made of two sheets of professional quality aluminum, separated by an insulating layer of air. The bottom sheet protects the top sheet from intense heat in the lower part of the oven. Excellent for cookies, dinner rolls, croissants and pastries with high butter or sugar content. Use the time and temperature setting that your recipe recommends.Anodizing is a process that hardens aluminum. It offers tremendous performance and durability. It attracts the oven heat for faster baking and with the AireGourmet insulated baking sheet, offers perfect baking results without burning. The durable surface is also safe and healthy to use. There is no transfer of aluminum residue to foods. There is no nonstick coating to wear off. And it won't rust. It's designed to last a lifetime.Features of the Aire Gourmet Air Insulated Baking Sheet include: Size: 14" x 16". Unique thumbgrip handle is easy to grasp and safer to hold. The bottom features indented supports that maintain separation of top and bottom. The increased air space between anodized aluminum layers offers better heat control, resists bending and warping, and eliminates burning. The silco-satin anodized surface features include: No applied coating. Bakes faster than the original insulated bakeware. Prevents interaction with foods. Resists sticking and cleans easily. Resists scratching. Safe for use with metal utensils. Dishwasher safe. Will not rust.

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AireGourmet 14" x 16" Air Insulated Anodized Baking Sheet 2001
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