Schlossberg Accessories
Schlossberg's linen spray. Keeps your linen smell fresh!
First rate room perfume from southern France, made with natural essences.
Room candle.
Schlossberg [576775-85]


Schlossberg's collection of accessories for the Bath and Home. 

A room candle with a suddle fragrance of Bergamotte Tea fills the room with a calming odor. 


A series of five top quality room fragrances from Southern France. All natural essences suspended in an alcohol solution. A descrete bottle adds to the elegance of you room.Scents: Ambre, Bois d'Acacia, Fleur de Cassis, Vanille-Pamplemousse, The Vert. 


Schlossberg's linen spray has been a long time favorite. A handy bottle decorated with a floating leave with either a lavender of Luberon or a Bergamotte tea fragrance . 


Schlossberg's linen soap (not pictured) has been the leader in quality linen soaps for many years. This soap contains no detergents and is hypo-allergenic. 

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, & Jojoba, Sweet Orange Essential Oil Blend, Aloe Vera & Rosemary Extract. 1/3 cup per load, for front loaders 1/6 cup. 

Price:$5.00 to $79.00
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Flat Sheet

38 oz
38 oz
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Pillow Case
Refill Bottle (200ml)
200 ml
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Id: 9905
Room Perfume (200ml)
6.7 oz
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Sku: ACS-1863502
Id: 9900
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Fabric Swatch
Fabric Sample
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