DownLinens Embossed Fleece Blanket
DownLinens [10689-16]

Embossed Fleece Blanket

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  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Neutral Color for any décor
  • Meets and exceeds all industry standards for excellence

Down Linens Fleece Blankets are used in all types of weather. While they may not be as warm as the Down linens Comforters, The Down Linens Polyester Blanket is warm as well as comfortable. They make great additions to any style of bedding and are perfect for those nights you just want to cuddle up with a good book. Down Linens Fleece Blankets have always been a favorite of little children in particular.

Down Linens Embossed Fleece Blanket is designed in a neutral color, a cross between olive green and beige, and compliment the décor of any color scheme you may have in your home. Down Linens Embossed Fleece Blanket is enjoyed by children not only because of the embossed design but also because of the self-fabric drawstring bag that opens and closes with a toggle tie. They love this Down Linens Polyester Blanket as their partner for camping in the back door almost as much as in their bedroom.

Down Linens Fleece Blankets are not just for children, however, as they come in sizes to fit twin, full/queen and king size beds. You bedroom will have a look of elegance when it's adorned with this Down Linens Polyester Blanket. Whether you're just taking a nap or sleeping for the night, you'll love the way this Down Linens bedding item not only keeps you warm and toasty but also feels against your skin.

Down Linens Polyester Blanket such as the Down Linens Embossed Fleece Blanket is embossed fleece made of 100% polyester. It's easy to care for and made of high quality fabric designed to last a long time. You'll want more than one of these Down Linens Fleece Blankets as you'll want some for everyday use and some for traveling. You'll definitely want to throw a couple of these easy-to-carry blankets along with you. Down Linens Embossed Fleece Blanket, with its drawstring bag, makes the gift that will be loved by anyone.

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Twin Blanket
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Sku: DBBL0015
Id: 80

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Full/Queen Blanket
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  • Syle: Modern
  • Pattern: Texture
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Blanket Size: Full
  • Blanket Size: Queen
Status:In Stock
Sku: DBBL0016
Id: 81

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