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Fiore Sardo

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  • Product Brand: Mitica - Country of Origin: Sardinia
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When you get tired of good old Parmigiano, give Fiore Sardo a taste. When our tasters cut into this cheese, even the little crumbled pieces were gone in minutes. They claimed it was "buttery" and "subtle" and "oh, not very strong at all!" The reviews were raving. Fiore Sardo is made in the Island of Sardinia from sheep's milk. It's aged to have a semi-hard texture that can be either sliced or grated, but is not as prone to shred like other aged cheeses (Parmigiano or Grana Padano are some examples). It's a good alternative for a cheese platter when you want to bring more unique flavors to the table, but is also really excellent for grating over pastas, soups and casseroles.
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1 x 3 lb Fiore Sardo
  • Country: Italy
Sku: 2152502
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