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Cook's Choice Better Breader Breading System
Cook's Choice [10084-48524]

Better Breader Breading System

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The Better Breader Bowl makes breading simple with no fuss, no mess, and no waste. Use it in the kitchen, at the lake, or at camp. The Better Breader Bowl is your guarantee to perfectly breaded meat, and vegetables every time.

  • Made of flexible durable polypropylene (plastic)
  • The Better Breader Bowl comes in three parts: The Bowl, where you place your breading and seasonings. The Sifter, where you place all your pre-moistened items to be breaded on. The Airtight Lid, to keep the breading and seasonings in.

How to use this easy Breading System:

  1. You place the breading and seasonings in the bowl.
  2. You place all your lightly moistened meats and vegetables on the sifting tray.
  3. Then you cover with the lid.
  4. Now you just shake the bowl up, shake it down, remove the lid, and all your meats and vegetables are perfectly coated.
  5. Empty the items sitting atop the sifter into the fryer and fry till they float.
  6. Any breading you have left over will stay fresh inside the airtight covered bowl until you are ready to use again

Care Instructions:

  • Dishwasher Safe
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Better Breader Breading System
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  • Category: Kitchen
  • Sub-category: Tools
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Style: Breader Bowl System
Status:In Stock
Sku: 874168
Id: 48526

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