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Medelco 8 Cup Glass Percolator PK 008
Medelco [171318-2240]

8 Cup Glass Percolator PK 008

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Make a perfect cup of coffee for yourself every time! The strength and aroma of your coffee can be modified by perking it for a longer or shorter amount of time. With a glass carafe, there is no need for guessing. Simply remove the unit from the heat source once you see the color has reached your desired darkness.Features include: 8 cup capacity. Heat tolerant handle of phenolic plastic withstands high temperatures. Borosilicate glass; safe for use on gas or electric stovetops. Dishwasher safe; completely immersible. The enclosed protective metal trivet is to be used in conjunction with the percolator on all types of electric stovetops.

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8 Cup Glass Percolator PK 008
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