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Hold N Storage Salad and Veggie Combo Pack 1631RKW by Range Kleen
Hold N Storage [272285-4861]

Salad and Veggie Combo Pack 1631RKW by Range Kleen

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The perfect combo for a busy - healthy summer. The best thing about a good salad is crispy lettuce and greens, but they don't stay that way long once you put the dressing on. This large 8.5 cup salad to-go container has a separate compartment for 4oz of dressing at the top. When you're ready to eat, just push the lever to release the dressing and shake it up to toss the salad. Perfect, crispy, healthy greens on the GO! Also available in a personal petite size. Specs: -Top-rack dishwasher safe - Microwave Safe with lid removed -Holds 8.5 cups (2 Liters) of Salad, 4oz (0.12 Liter) of dressing. -Leak-proof container. Compliment this with the GO Veggie & Fruit. We are all grateful for little things that can simplify our life. A clever separate compartment is nestled in the center of this container, keeping your veggies or fruit from mingling with dip willy-nilly making a mess, without using an extra dish. Bonus: reduce your carbon footprint by doing away with disposable containers! Healthy and delicious possibilities abound: apple slices with caramel, chips and salsa, yogurt with granola crunch, or the old standby sliced veggies and ranch. You can save money (and calories, too!) by packing your own snacks on the GO; to work, to class, to the gym or to send to school. by Range Kleen
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    Salad and Veggie Combo Pack 1631RKW by Range Kleen
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